May 11, 2021

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British woman is murdered by gunman at rented home in Pakistan 

British woman is murdered by gunman ‘in suspected crime of passion’ in Pakistan where ‘two men had been trying to convince her to marry them’

  • The woman, 26, identified as ‘Maya’ was reportedly shot in the head Monday
  • Police have launched an investigation, and are looking for two suspects
  • Local reports suggest men were competing over her hand in marriage 
  • Officers were alerted to the killing by an unidentified caller, the police said
  • They added that a phone, found near her body, has been taken for analysis 

A British woman has been murdered by gunman at a rented home in Pakistan on Monday, it has been reported.

The 26-year-old, identified only as Maya, was found to have been shot in the head in the Defence district of Lahore after gunman are believed to have barged into her home and bedroom.

Police have said they are looking for two suspects, with local reports suggesting two men were competing for the woman’s hand in marriage, raising the suspicion that the killing could be a crime of passion.

According to the Independent Urdu, the victim’s uncle – who had visited his niece a few days ago – filed a First Incident Report (FIR) to the police.

He complained that two of her friends had been threatening her and harassing her, making her fear for hear life, he reportedly told police. 

The FIR states that the woman’s uncle said he would confront the two friends over their actions, but at around 2pm on Monday the uncle received a phone call from her father in London saying that she had been shot, the outlet reported.

A British woman has been murdered by gunman at a rented home in Pakistan on Monday, it has been reported. Pictured: Police in Lahore stand guard outside a home [file photo]

A British woman has been murdered by gunman at a rented home in Pakistan on Monday, it has been reported. Pictured: Police in Lahore stand guard outside a home [file photo]

The uncle claims that Maya was killed by two friends, along with the help of two other unidentified people, in the early hours of Monday morning as part of a plot, according to the Independent Urdu. 

According to the report, one of the friends of the victim was trying to force her to marry him, but was in competition with another. 

Maya had refused to marry both of them, and her uncle is now seeking legal action against the two he has accused of her killing, the outlet reported. 

According to SHO Qasim, a police officer involved in the investigation, investigators are looking at whether her death was due to the gunshot wound, or if strangulation was involved as well.

Maya had arrived in the country two months ago from the UK where her family are from, police superintendent Sayyed Ali told

Mr Sayyed told reporters that Maya’s friend was living in an adjoining room in the upper part of the house, and that she was assisting police in their investigation.

The officer said that they had been alerted to the apparent murder by an unidentified caller, and that forensic experts have cordoned off the crime scene.

He added that the woman had been found lying in a pool of blood in her room. A mobile phone was found near her body.

‘We have seized the mobile phone for forensic analysis,’ Sayyed told the local outlet, adding that officers were attempting to find nearby CCTV footage.  

The woman’s parents and other family members living abroad have been contacted, Mr Sayyed noted as well.

‘We are also after two suspects and will share further details at a later stage,’ the  police said, adding that Maya’s friend had not shared detail that could help in their investigation. 

He added that Maya’s body had been taken to a morgue for an autopsy.

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