May 8, 2021

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Famous chef Rachel Coe recalls her adventures traveling from Paris to Stockholm

Celebrity chef Rachel Co reveals her love for the Swedish tradition of eating cake at 11 am – and why not put a business card in your back pocket in Japan

Celebrity Chef Rachel Khoo checks travel-related questions and answers

Celebrity Chef Rachel Khoe is checking out this week’s travel questions and answers.

She recalls some of her foodie adventures, as well as her early memories of the vacation, her unforgettable trip – and more.

First memory of the holiday?

My mother is Austrian, so I visited her family, who live near the Swiss border, when I was a child. We were walking in the mountains, picking blueberries, and swimming in the lakes.

The highlight of your child’s holiday?

Visiting the Milka Chocolate Factory on one of my holidays in Austria. My cousins ​​and I got crazy at the store there – I’ve been pissed off with chocolate ever since.

Favorite foreign city?

Paris, which is the city where I lived for eight years.

Top paris tip?

Go to one of the local fresh food markets (Tuesday-Sunday) like the Marche d’Aligre in the 11th district. Grab a baguette, cheese, a bottle of wine and take a stroll by the banks of the Seine.

Rachel said that her favorite foreign city is Paris, where she lived for eight years

Rachel said that her favorite foreign city is Paris, where she lived for eight years

What’s the worst thing about Paris?

Slime dog on the streets. As a French joke: ‘Do you know how to cross the road in Paris? Look left and right, then look down!

Where else is close to your heart?

Yes, Stockholm, Sweden, where I live now – I have a Swedish husband. It is a green little city with a lot of beautiful islands nearby. It’s the perfect springtime destination – and everyone speaks English, too.

Should you see Stockholm Vody?

I love the Swedish tradition of ‘fika’ (I have coffee or tea and a cake at 11 a.m. or 3 p.m.), and I get cinnamon buns from my favorite city bakery, Lillebrors bageri. Sourdough bread is to die for, too.

Most memorable trip?

Going to Japan for the first time was an adventure. I like that I don’t understand something, and when I walk into a store and look at something, I think: “Do I eat it or do I wash it?”

Rachel said going to Japan for the first time was an adventure

Rachel said going to Japan for the first time was an adventure

Any advice for travelers to Japan?

If someone gives you their business card, don’t put it in your back pocket, because it’s rude – it’s like sitting on that person. Put it in your handbag or backpack.

The best travel beauty advice?

Neal’s Yard Moisturizing Spray smells beautifully, which I spray on my face after a long flight.

Hangover treatment?

Eat fried ramen, or if you’re into Japan, ramen [noodle soup] – That will do the trick.

Destination dream?

To revisit all those cities that I love, like Paris and Vienna, which I have not been able to see for a long time.

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