May 10, 2021

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Green List: Government missed travel announcement deadline

The government missed the deadline set by a parliamentary committee to announce the different countries that would be in the new traffic light system for international travel.

In its list of demands last week, the Transportation Selection Committee called for lists of green, amber and red destinations – each with different color travel rules – to be published by May 1 “at the latest.”

The information was not published until Saturday morning.

Instead, the Transportation Ministry – which did not agree to the May 1 request – said the lists would be announced in “early May.”

This comes as he is expected to return to international travel on May 17 as part of the next phase of England’s roadmap to exit lockdown.

It is currently illegal to travel abroad from the UK for holidays due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are eager to discover the countries on the green list to avoid the need to isolate themselves.

Travelers from green countries – which are considered low-risk – should take a PCR test within two days of their arrival in the UK, but there will be no quarantine requirement.

While the official listings have yet to be published, a travel expert has predicted that Portgual, Malta, Gibraltar, Iceland and Finland will be on the “green list” as of mid-May.

Huo Merriman, Conservative Party Chairman of the Transportation Selection Committee, said the countries’ rating is the “minimum” that the travel industry and consumers need to prepare for May 17 and the lack of information means they are “still in the dark.”

The deputy added, “The uncertainty has lingered. This uncertainty may cost people their jobs.”

“How can it be right to reopen countries with slower vaccinations to international travelers while the UK remains steadfast?

“The government is in danger of wasting the opportunity to tap into the UK’s world-leading vaccine yield as countries around the world begin to open up to international travel.”

to me WatchmanThe list of green, amber and red countries may not be released until May 10 – one week before the expected return to non-essential foreign travel.

“The government has not missed a deadline – we have always said that by early May we will confirm if international travel can be resumed on May 17 and which countries will be on any list. This will determine travel requirements for passengers,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation.

They added: “The task force is working to resume international travel in a safe and sustainable manner, to allow families and friends to reunite, and businesses to start flourishing again, while ensuring public health is protected.”

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