May 14, 2021

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Accenture pledges $ 25 million for COVID-19 relief in India

Accenture has pledged $ 25 million (Rs. 185 crore) to the pandemic relief effort in India, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rika Menon said Tuesday.

This new pledge comes in addition to efforts such as providing ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and medical teams.

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Menon, who is also the chairman of the board of directors at Nasscom that specializes in the IT industry, wrote of the professionals: “We provide Covid-19 support kits and PPE kits for frontline healthcare workers and provide food and Covid-19 home care supplies for the unemployed. Work and the poor. ” The contact site on LinkedIn.

“We are also cooperating with the government to support vaccination camps and provide call center support in the local language. In addition, we will work to increase existing hospital beds and ICUs and create mobile hospitals.

Accenture said it has built resources such as 24/7 telemedicine, in-home care services, enhanced insurance coverage, virtual childcare, mental health support, testing and vaccination support, to support more than 200,000 employees and their families in India. .

The IT services company has also created vacation options for caregivers.

“All over the world, our people have expressed their support and participation. In addition to their time, they are also donating money, and Accenture will match 100% of our people’s contributions to the Covid-19 relief effort,” Menon said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those who lost their lives, and many of those who continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic,” she added.