May 11, 2021

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Sustainable Online Retail Labels: No Waste Certificate

Best Buy recently received its first-ever zero-waste certification at a reverse logistics center in Chino, California after the e-retailer managed to keep 99.67% of its waste out of landfills throughout the year.

The “Zero Waste” certification is called the “Total Resource Use and Efficiency” certification, or TRUE, and is overseen by the “Green Business Certificate”. The new rating comes after several sustainability commitments from Best Buy, which are working to reduce carbon emissions by 75% before 2030 and also to reduce consumer emissions by 20% before the same year. Best Buy has also signed a climate pledge to be fully carbon neutral by 2040.

“The Chino facility achieved this milestone by identifying waste streams and finding ways to make it easier for employees to recycle,” Best Buy said in a statement.

Image Credit: Best Buy