May 10, 2021

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Continuous Period Care Kits: Period Care Set

Orchyd introduces period care kits to the next generation with its solution connected with period tracking app and smart wallet that supports bluetooth technology for storing various products. As Morgan King, Orchyd’s co-founder, says, “We set out to build a better menstrual experience by combining an advanced health app, health tracker, geolocation technology, and OB / GYN access that is affordable and open to everyone, anywhere.”

The design was created to be as inclusive as possible, as it does not assume identity or sexual activity, and aims to keep people connected and change the conversations surrounding menstruation. The customizable app is a comprehensive resource for tracking of flow, fertility, ovulation and general health, and provides on-demand OB / GYN access. The Orchyd smart wallet is the perfect size to store your day care products supplies.