May 16, 2021

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The UEFA Champions League as it happened: Manchester City defeated Paris Saint-Germain to reach the final

Mahrez scores against Paris Saint-Germain
Image Credit: Reuters

Full time: Citi in the final! Neymar flies over the bar and this sums up their night. Everywhere and the city awaits Real or Chelsea in Istanbul.

City 2 Paris Saint-Germain 0: And we have that. Neymar rolls as if he was shot. Danilo (co-worker) picks up yellow for making a mistake. This is a waste of talent in my opinion …. in the meantime. The city is two minutes away.

City 2 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Aguero in Foden. A touching moment as the old guard comes to the new.

City 2 Paris Saint-Germain 0: All traffic is in one direction now as City prepare for its first final in the pinnacle of club football. Merciful and Jesus came to the city. What a seat …

Red Card! Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain): Just like in the first leg, Paris Saint-Germain lost his cool with an overdrive and Angel Di Maria is in the tunnel. Then Zinchenko loses his cool when Verratti grabs Foden on the ground. Yellow in all respects, but this got messy for Paris Saint-Germain in the final stages.

Goal! City 2 Paris Saint-Germain 0: and that is! Mahrez is the hitman for Paris Saint-Germain as he hits the back post. Tremendous things and characters from the city.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Icardi was removed by Pochettino in favor of Kean. How will that change the look in the foreground?

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Pep Guardiola patrols the touchline in the pouring rain. I think this is the most lively and spooky I have ever seen! The time for the submarines came close to 60 minutes.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: City starts off brightly with Fouden testing for a rival against Paris Saint-Germain. But Zenchiko is congratulated by his team-mates as if he scored a goal as he deftly skips to clear Neymar.

Kick-Off – Medina 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: We go again for the last roll of dice for the best Paris. Can they return or is the city on their way to Istanbul? we will see.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: So how does Pochettino play the second 45th? Does he throw Mbappe and hope for the best? Do you stick to Neymar and de Maria? Will Pep switch to the bench early? It is not city-like to stop the bus, but that’s three-quarters of the pivotal hour. I think Pep will go with the “tried and true attack is the best policy” for the home team, while the visitors will throw out the kitchen sink, leaving nothing left to lose. Goals guaranteed (unless it was 0-0 in the second half).

So far so good for City. 3-1 to the best in aggregate, another foot and big toe in the final now. With Pepe’s upcoming talk, that would be half an awesome scene. Do you go anywhere !!!

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Half the time is approaching, and the city is weathering the storm. More and more this appears to be a difficult request for Neymar et al. City ended the game at their highest level as Navas has to appear alert to preserve a flurry of chances.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Ederson again tries to catch his defenders with a swift pass, but the game as a whole plays a bigger role in City’s hand as they get possession stats.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: A bit of midfield bulge now as the game is a bit outdated. You’ll love the city minutes.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Ander Herrera gets into the book while ex-Man United gets a bit of a bite because the decision goes against PSG. Visitors are at risk of losing their cool here.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: What a chance Ederson tries to fire it early and Da Silva takes a bang from a distance. But it just goes on a large scale. Troubled times remain for the city.

City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Paris Saint-Germain has a mountain to climb now because they need three, but they keep pressing. This game definitely has more goals.

Goal! City 1 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Suddenly, the city is on the other side. De Bruyne sees his effort being blocked and Mahrez striking the bouncing ball from a narrow angle on the right.

City 0 Paris Saint-Germain 0: penalty! The reference points to the penalty point after Zinchenko’s punishment. But a quick scan on the side screen means he’s couched because he’s off his shoulder. Big vacation for the city

City 0 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Sometimes it’s difficult to spot the ball with the ice still on the field. Maybe we should have a yellow ball outside? Paris Saint-Germain tries to press high. Is this an early dramatic point?

City 0 Paris Saint-Germain 0: Some early stumbling from Di Maria and his buddies as City looks to assert himself physically.

Kick-off – Medina 0 Paris Saint-Germain 0: The French side leads us. here we are!

Man City vs Paris Saint-Germain: Two minutes let’s go roll. Teams have come out for the UEFA anthem and it looks like there are a lot of great heads on the field (not just because the referees are still shoveling the ice on the field).

Manchester City V Paris Saint-Germain: It might be May, but the UK weather is still up to the usual gimmicks as a strange hailstorm caused the Etihad Stadium to change color to white during the warm-up period.

So is it time for City to prove its worth and take its place at the top of the table in Europe? The next 90 minutes will tell such a story. But we’re sure we’ll be taking part in some fireworks. Check out the preview here.

“City has definitely earned the right to be the front runner at this point in European competition,” says Craig Leader, director at Crown & Lion, Byblos Barsha Heights. “Just a moment of magic can stop them now.”

Man City vs Paris Saint-Germain: team news

The big news is that Kylian Mbappe is on the bench for Paris Saint-Germain because he is suffering a blow.

Manchester: Ederson, Zenchenko, Dias, Stones, Walker, Fernandinho, Gundogan, Foden, Silva, Mahrez, De Bruyne. Submarines: Stephen, Carson, Aki, Laporte, Mindy, Cancelo, Rodri, Torres, Fernandinho, Sterling, Jesus, Aguero.

Paris Saint-Germain: Navas, Florentine, Marquinhos, Kempembe, Diallo, Paredes, Herrera, Di Maria, Verratti, Neymar, Icardi. Submarines: Rico, Randryami, Kahrer, Kurzawa, Packer, Dagba, Ravinia, Pereira, Sarabia, Draxler, Mbappe, Ken.

Manchester City x Paris Saint-Germain

Pep Guardiola’s men shook in their wake in the first 45 minutes in Paris last week and were late with a good header from Marquinhos. But they came back strongly in the second half and achieved a famous victory thanks to goals from De Bruyne and Mahrez. Now can they get the job done and book their first Champions League final?

Manchester City x Paris Saint-Germain

Welcome to the biggest game in Manchester City’s history as they face Paris Saint-Germain at Etihad, where they have a slight but yet vital 2-1 advantage from the first leg in the French capital.