May 8, 2021

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Archer India Talukdar admitted to the ICU after testing positive for COVID-19

Ranjan Talukdar, his father, Ranjan Talukdar, said Jayanta Talukdar, a gold medalist in the former World Cup and Olympics, was being treated in an intensive care unit (ICU) due to a low oxygen count a week after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. “His oxygen level started to drop to the 92 mark, so he was taken to the ICU yesterday. It works fine with an oxygen cylinder but the level drops once it is removed,” Talukdar said.

His father added that he was transferred to Calahabhar Covid Care Hospital on May 27th.

The 35-year-old producer of Tata Shooting Academy returned to his hometown about a month ago after failing to make cuts to the India-bound team for the Olympics and possibly contracting the virus from his medical wife.

“His wife got infected at first but now she has recovered. She might have contracted the infection from Jayanta,” said Kabir Talukdar.

He also said that they live in a remote place and that they are fine after getting their first COVID-19 vaccine.

The London 2012 Olympic achieved his career in second place in the world after winning consecutive gold medals in the World Cup in the first stage (Borec) and the second stage (Croatia) of the World Cup in 2006.

He also won a singles bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi 2010 and was a key member of the Indian side with Rahul Banerjee, Tarundeb Rai and Mangal Singh Champia who became the world number one in preparation for the London Olympics.

Talukdar, a laureate of the Arjuna Award, was awarded two bronze medals for the team of the 2006 Doha Asian Games and 2010 in Guangzhou.