May 8, 2021

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West Bromwich Albion is on the verge of relegation after a draw with Wolverhampton

West Bromwich Albion are close to relegation in the Premier League despite Mbaye Diane’s 1-1 draw in Derby with Wolverhampton.

The striker scored in the second half but Baji still needed a minor miracle to stay in the Premier League.

He remains in second place in last place and 10 points from the safety zone, with only four matches left behind him against Fabio Silva’s luck in the first half. Baggiz can now land before they go to Arsenal next Sunday.

Albion never appeared to have scored a much-needed win against Wolverhampton in the middle of the standings, despite a draw with Diane, as the guests were denied their first win at The Hawthorne for 25 years.

Wolverhampton, who is 12th, also failed to do the best in a Mansi Derby.

Roman Sayes heads for Sam Johnston, while Darnell Furlong pulls a heavy effort at the only chances to open a lukewarm.

In the absence of a desperate atmosphere, the game struggled to find real rhythm and it was hard to see where Albion would get a goalless win to keep his unexpected battle for survival.

Rarely did the hosts seem to be fighting for their lives, with wolves at the front, and almost half an hour late.

Under Silva’s pressure, Simi Ajayi recklessly lost the ball in his own penalty area and Johnston stopped Nelson Semedo led.

Boss Sam Allardyce saw enough and replaced Dara O’Shea with Matt Phillips after just 33 minutes in an effort to give Baggies the much-needed momentum.

There was no slight initial reaction as Wolverhampton continued to control the ball, and without the ball, Albion captain Matthews Pereira was nullified.

The hosts created at least one chance before the break when Connor Gallagher hit a short corner kick and Diane headed it before he was hastily knocked away by Saiss.

The Wolves made the homeowners pay the price, though, when they got a lucky first-time opener in stoppage time in the first half.

Vitinha’s jerk allowed Simedo to advance into the area and pointed the ball towards Silva.

Kyle Bartley arrived before the striker but only succeeded in seeing the qualifying cannon from Silva’s standing leg and loop over Johnstone.

It was a chance goal but he summed up the often disastrous Albion defense this season.

Their attempt to recover should have resulted in a draw early in the second half, but Roy Patricio was saved by Connor Townsend and then Gallagher, although the midfielder should not have given the goalkeeper a chance.

Johnston switched Silva’s low effort back in the hour, but after two minutes, Bages called a tie.

Diani was starved of any decent service, but Townsend ultimately provided the striker with a perfect cross to reach power from close range.

However, instead of inspiring Baggies, they lost any momentum – and with torrential downpours on The Hawthorns – leading Gallagher’s five-minute strike to the finish was the closest thing to a winner.

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