May 10, 2021

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Sports Calendar: Police have thwarted the Manchester City fireworks plot

Fire City plot extended

An attempt to set off fireworks outside a Manchester City hotel was thwarted in the early hours before the Champions League semi-final match against Paris Saint-Germain last week.

As this newspaper revealed, Pep Guardiola’s men were targeted by a group of German youths who managed to detonate dozens of industrial-strength fireworks before facing the quarter-finals in Borussia Dortmund on two occasions.

Two men tried to repeat the trick in the French capital, but police intercepted them near the hotel in the city center, which is currently under a night curfew, like the rest of the country.

Police foiled a plot to blow up fireworks outside the Manchester City hotel ahead of the Paris Saint-Germain match

Link to another UK athletics website

Netball’s takeover of UK athletics continued last week with the appointment of non-executive director Jennifer Thomas.

Thomas, who is also a member of the England Netball Board, joins performance manager Sarah Simington (former England netball) and Katie Brazier (Netball Superleague advisor), under the direction of CEO Joanna Coates (former England Netball).

The last employee did little to address the grave concerns within the sport that positions of influence are being taken by those who do not have the relevant experience and expertise.

The Premier League fan fights in the Premier League

The Premier League’s reluctance to accept defeat by fans attending the last two matches of the season has sparked some officials in a panic.

Many have already expressed concerns about what they see as an impossible request from headquarters. They believe that the logistics and finance and the high risks involved in exchange for the minimum reward mean that a potential customer is meaningless.

However, Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, wrote on Friday to each team suggesting that five per cent of the numbers allowed to attend, which would be around 500, should go to the guest club. Their observations were requested which the sources revealed were unlikely to be positive.

BEEB takes it seriously from our interview

In an interview with Sportsmail Before the World Snooker Championships, Judd Trump complained about the age of the TV commentators.

“Most of the stories in the comment box are from the 1970s or 1980s,” he said. ‘It’s something that I really can’t turn my head. It is so old and difficult for the younger generation to resonate with their stories. There is not enough excitement and emotion.

Judd Trump told Sportsmail that the World Snooker Championships need younger experts

Judd Trump told Sportsmail that the World Snooker Championships need younger experts

Trump’s words appear to have resonated with the BBC, as it called for the world’s No. 1 comment on the Friday night semi-final between Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham and the Sunday final. Jack Lesowski, Trump’s close companion, 29, made his debut last week, to which he was welcomed.

Sky misses a trick on the protesters

Sky Sports missed one of the tricks during the Newcastle-Arsenal match when news emerged of Manchester United fans storming in protest of Old Trafford and storming the stadium.

In the United States, NBC Sports has become a split screen, to provide viewers with the latest developments from a cutting edge setting. No such immediate step was taken by Sky, who stuck to the action from the Northeast and chose to cover the protests on Sky News.

Sky chose to cover the Manchester United fan protest on Sky News instead of Sky Sports

Sky chose to cover the Manchester United fan protest on Sky News instead of Sky Sports

Meanwhile, Newcastle coach Steve Bruce is queuing for windfall cash winnings to lead the club to safety in the Premier League. The Magpies appeared to be in serious danger of relegation a few weeks ago, but eight points from their previous four matches against Tottenham, Burnley, West Ham and Liverpool kept them out of the drop zone and they seem to have secured safety despite yesterday’s 2-0 home defeat. .

Newcastle finds itself nine points away from problems with four games remaining. Bruce has a stay-in-contract clause that guarantees him a six-figure bonus to keep Newcastle awake and will earn extra cash rewards for every place they finish above 18.

Maximum praise for Saint Maximin

Newcastle star Alan Saint-Maximin won praise after he encountered a social media dwarf supportive of Liverpool who asked if he could go to Liverpool on a swap deal for Sadio Mane.

He replied, “I don’t like this,” describing the admirer as “ungrateful,” before adding that he had “a long way to go” before reaching Mane’s level.

Saint-Maximin is monitored by a number of clubs, including PSG.

Media interest is low for seagull screening

One would imagine Torquay United are looking to capitalize on the positive momentum generated by their relentless push to return to the Football League.

However, the Seagulls, who have scored 22 points from their last eight matches to top the National League, are turning down media requests to attend Plainmore. This is despite Covid infection rates of 6.6 per 100,000, making the area one of the safest in the country.

Lee Howes Back In A Bags Shirt

Nearly 17 years after his contract was terminated by the club, Lee Hughes is back in a West Bromwich Albion jersey. The former Baggiz striker was fired in August 2004 when he was imprisoned for six years after being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

Hughes, who has continued to play for clubs like Oldham, Notts County and Port Vale, retired last year at the age of 43, but recently moved to St Andrews Netherton Bagges, who plays in the West Midlands Christian Football League. The team has donned West Brom jerseys and has won all nine matches to date.

Not enough Hall of Fame for the city?

There were informed glances on the federation when the English Premier League announced the first candidates for their Hall of Fame last week.

Despite Manchester City’s decade-long dominance, no former player has made the automatic two-man selection or the 23-man shortlist, which fans will vote on.

While Vincent Kompany missed the qualifying deadline in a few days (the players had to retire by August 1, 2020) there was no such obstacle for Yaya Toure, who was instrumental in achieving three titles’ wins.

City has a long-standing belief that it is often overlooked for similar awards. Having Matt Le Tissier on the list indicates that they might be right.

Despite their dominance in the Premier League, no player from Manchester City has made a Hall of Fame

Despite their dominance in the Premier League, no player from Manchester City has made a Hall of Fame