May 10, 2021

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Derek Chisora ​​vs Joseph Parker LIVE: Undercard scores, start time, and live broadcast

Mom is the word

Derek Chisora ​​agreed to walk into the ring first before his heavyweight confrontation against Joseph Parker after interference from his mother, according to British manager David Hay.

The row over who would last to walk to the ring erupted at the Manchester Arena on Saturday night after the heavyweights of the fighters on Friday afternoon, as Hay lost a coin on behalf of his client.

Chisora ​​had threatened moments earlier to “go home” if he had to walk out ahead of Parker, who duly chose to have the ring entrance after his opponent, but a potentially difficult situation was dispelled.

“I never saw this fight happen with Derek entering the ring first, but luckily the voice of reason came,” Hay told Sky Sports. “ Viola – Derek’s beautiful mother – is the only person who actually listens to him.

She spoke to Viola about an hour ago and said, “I told him he’s coming to the ring first as he promised and that’s it. I spoke to Derek and he agreed. “

Haye, the former world cruiserweight and heavyweight champion who beat Chisora ​​in a fiery competition in 2012 before they became unlikely partners, revealed that it’s not the first time they have had to engage the mother of his former opponent.

Hay added, “We’ve really had to use Derek’s mother in the past in certain situations where we were trying to convince Derek to do what we all think is the right thing and he doesn’t have it.”

“We had to call his mom and say, ‘Can you talk to Derek because if he doesn’t, this is going to happen.’ So far she has always been up on paper, so I’m really happy about that.

“The fight has started 100 percent. Derek will walk into the ring first, as he should have done because he lost the coin and we face ourselves.”