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Latest Brian Landry News: Lawyer Says Family Wanted To Avoid ‘Public Frenzy’ Over Missing Gun

Brian Landry shot himself in the head, family attorney confirmed

Location of the pistol used in Brian Landrydeath remains unknown, days after the family lawyer released the autopsy results on the 23-year-old man’s remains.

Mr Landry was wanted for over a month while investigators looked for evidence of Ms Petito’s death during their cross-country van ride together. It was discovered that he had shot himself in the head.

Laundry family lawyer Stephen Bertolino said his parents were informed of the cause of death, gunshot wound and suicide. He also reportedly said that the missing pistol was not previously mentioned to avoid “frenzy” among the public.

This came after the October autopsy results did not find a convincing cause of death, in part due to the fact that the remains were found underwater in the Myakkahatachi Creek Ecological Park in Florida on October 20.

Authorities also tried to repair a personal notepad recovered from a dry bag next to his body as part of their investigation into the deaths of his girlfriend and fiancé. Gabby Petito, besides the pistol.

Critical to their investigation will be Landry’s digital communications, including his text and emails, his use of social media, and his Internet history prior to his death.


A family Gabby Petito said he was waiting to find out if others would be accused of killing their daughter after it became known that a suspect in her death shot himself in the head.

As Andrew Buncombe writes that family members said they were “informed” of the results of Mr. Landry’s autopsy and said they could not comment on further actions.

“The family was asked to refrain from commenting and to allow the FBI to continue its investigation and to let the US Attorney’s Office decide whether any additional individuals will be charged.”

It remains unclear who or what the additional charges might have been, as Mr Landry was identified as a person of interest in relation to his fiance’s disappearance before disappearing a few days later in September.

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 16:37


What did the North Port police say?

Todd Garrison, the head of the North Port Police Department, said after the second autopsy on Brian Landry:

“We are grateful that one more step was taken towards the completion of this case. Although this whole situation causes nothing but sadness, we hope that all the work that went into the chaotic search for answers will help heal the victims. “

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 16:12


The Laundry family reportedly handed over the weapons to the police

Stephen Bertolino, an attorney for the Laundry family, reportedly said they turned over all their weapons to the police after the 23-year-old went missing in September.

However, according to WESH 2

Mr. Bertolino added that the family “from day one” worked with FBI investigators.

Meanwhile, North Port Florida police faced accusations that they were unable to track Mr. Landry the week he disappeared from his home.

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 15:37


Laundry Notebook Questions Remain

There have been many speculations that Brian Landry’s notebook may contain a suicide note or explain how and why Mrs. Petito, whose remains were found in Wyoming on September 19, was killed.

When asked about the possibility of a notebook containing answers about his daughter’s death, Joseph Petito said that it would not bring him closure and would definitely not bring Gabby back.

On Tuesday, lawyer Stephen Bertolino confirmed that 23-year-old Landry died of a spontaneous gunshot wound to the head.

Laundry family attorney Mr. Bertolino told Bevan Hurley of The Independent he did not know if the notebook contained new information and when it might be published.

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 15:12


What did Gabby Petito’s family say?

“The Schmidt and Petito family were aware of the circumstances of the suicide of the only suspect in Gabby’s murder,” the family’s lawyer said on Tuesday.

“The Gabby family will not be making statements at this time due to a request from the US Attorney’s Office and the Teton County Attorney’s Office,” attorney Richard Stafford reportedly added of her parents and adoptive parents.

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 14:42


Laundry family ‘mourning’

Steven Bertolino, Laundry family lawyer, told reporters after a recent autopsy that he hoped the discovery brought closure to both families, including Gabby Petito.

He added that “Chris and Roberta still mourn the loss of their son and hope that these discoveries will bring peace to both families.”

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 14:12


Where could Brian Landry’s alleged pistol be?

While the anthropologist’s ruling answered one question — how did Brian Landry die — it raises others, such as what happened to the pistol that the 23-year-old was using?

As Greig Graziosi writes, there are several possibilities as to its location …

Gino Spocchia25 November 2021 12:51


Brian Landry: Dark themes permeating his digital footprint

A recently discovered social media account owned by Brian Landry is being investigated by an army of internet detectives looking for clues to his condition before his death.

The Pinterest page suspected of belonging to Mr. Landry also offers new clues to his condition in the weeks before his girlfriend Gabby Petito disappeared on August 25 or so.

Ms. Petito’s remains were found in Wyoming on September 19. The laundry was found dead in a Florida preserve a month later, and autopsy results showed that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, family lawyer Stephen Bertolino said Nov. 23.

Eleanor Sly25 November 2021 11:15


Gabby Petito’s family is waiting to see if others will be indicted as Brian Landry’s lawyer reveals cause of death

Gabby Petito’s family said they are waiting to find out if others will be charged with the murder of their daughter after it was revealed that a suspect in her death shot himself in the head.

Family lawyer Brian Landry, whose remains were recovered from a Florida game reserve last month, said an autopsy showed the 24-year-old had died, having shot himself in the head with a pistol.

Landry has been named by the FBI as a “person of interest” in the disappearance and murder of a 22-year-old woman, whose case has attracted worldwide attention.

Andrew Buncombe has more:

Eleanor SlyNovember 25, 2021 10:00


The bounty hunter’s dog wonders about the latest news on Brian Landry

Bounty hunter Dog has questioned the latest published autopsy data on Brian Landry, hinting that he believes the fugitive may still be alive.

Just hours after news broke on Tuesday that Landry had died of suicide, Dwayne “The Dog” Chapman appeared on Fox News to give his take on the situation.

During an interview with the television station, Chapman spoke of the fugitive as if there were still some doubts that the human remains found in Florida last month did not belong to him.

“If he is alive, they are going to arrest him,” Chapman said before adding, “Now it looks like he committed suicide.”

“This is a tragedy for both families,” he said.

Eleanor Sly25 November 2021 08:34

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