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Large Meteor Lights Up Skies In Norway

HELSINKI (AP) – Norwegian experts say an unusually large meteor was visible over much of southern Scandinavia and lit southeastern Norway with a powerful flash of light for a few seconds, as many observers also heard the roar afterward.

Norwegian meteor network said he analyzed and watched several videos of the Sunday event and said the meteor first appeared about 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of the capital Oslo and continued its trail southwestward before splitting into several flashes of light.

“The meteor appeared at 1:08 am on July 25 and was visible for about 5 seconds,” the network said. a video of this phenomenon on his Twitter site

Observations of meteors, space rocks that burn brightly after entering the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, are not uncommon in Norway, and the Norwegian Meteor Network has multiple cameras continuously watching the sky.

A meteor that survives after falling to the ground is known as a meteorite.

According to preliminary data, the meteorite may have fallen to Earth in the large forest area of ​​Finnemark, near Oslo, the Norwegian Meteorite Network said.

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