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Adaptive Innovation Webinar : adaptive innovation webinar

On June 30, 2020 at 1:00 pm ET, Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche will host a free webinar on adaptive innovation. It’s tempting to think of innovation as the result of random moments of inspiration or a single breakthrough idea, but relying on random innovation is not enough, especially in our rapidly changing world. Jeremy will teach participants how to use a new approach to increase the likelihood of finding winning ideas.

In this adaptive innovation webinar, Jeremy shows you how to manage and approach innovation like a stock portfolio using a repeatable 5-step process. Key takeaways will include how to optimize your brainstorming sessions, filter ideas to find your focus, methodically prototype, and more. Visitors will also be previewing content from Jeremy’s new bestseller on Amazon. Create the Future + Guide to Innovation

To register for Jeremy’s Adaptive Innovation Webinar, click HERE

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