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Emmanuel Macron is welcomed with garlands of flowers and seashells on Manihi Island

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron continued his tour of French Polynesia with a visit to Manihi Island.

He was decorated with garlands of flowers and seashells as he stepped out of the boat to be greeted by the local authorities.

Macron was on the island to visit the tsunami shelter under construction.

He told the islanders that France will co-finance the construction of 17 shelters on the islands of Tuamotu and Gambier.

Climate change is a key issue on Macron’s tour.

“We are talking about your life when we talk about the impact of global warming and how these changes are affecting your life and the lives of your children,” he said.

John Drollett, Mayor of Manihi, said the locals do not want to be “the first French eco-refugees,” and said the asylum plans are “hugely important to us.”

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