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California Restaurant Demands Customers Prove They’re Unvaccinated

Restaurant in a conservative southern California town Huntington Beach requires customers to prove they are not vaccinated against the coronavirus in protest against public health protections.

A notice of the new policy was outlined in two posts taped to the windows of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, an Italian restaurant. “We are absolutely intolerant of treacherous and anti-American stupidity,” one of them says.

Clients won’t actually need to show proof they are not vaccinated because the only official documentation is for people who have been vaccinated, a Los Angeles Times employee said.

Basilico’s owner, Tony Roman, told the newspaper in an email that he was fighting “tyrants”.

“With the warning signs of impending isolation, and many business owners are once again cheering on what I call the ‘tiny tyrants limiting isolation’ – this time by introducing a proof-of-vaccine policy – we decided to launch another rocket of defiance to continue to take our stance. in defense of American freedom and freedom, ”said Roman.

The high transmission delta variant has caused a dramatic increase in the number of COVID-19 cases across the country. Last week, a Mayo Clinic doctor warned that delta “find all not insured… »Rochelle Walenski, Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, named a new wave “pandemic of the unvaccinated… “

California has reported an average of nearly 5,000 new coronavirus cases per day over the past week, according to the LA Times, more than four times more than a month ago.

Some state businesses are reimposing mask requirements. California claims vaccinations or weekly tests for all civil servants and some healthcare workers by early August.

About 55% of people in Orange County, where Basilico’s is located, are fully vaccinated. Many other restaurants await them.

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