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Sony allows cross-console play on PlayStation 4 starting with Fortnite

Sony allows cross-console play on PlayStation 4 starting with Fortnite

  • Sony Announces Cross-Console Play Starting With Fortnite Open Beta
  • The move comes after Sony has resisted any form of cross-platform play for years.
  • The decision marks a key historical shift for the Japanese video game company.

Rejoice Fortnite players: Sony is finally here allowing cross-console play with other platforms on the PlayStation 4.

The company wants kick off his landmark decision to roll out the new feature, launching an Open Beta for PlayStation 4 Fortnite players on September 26, offering them the opportunity to take on other players across multiple consoles.

Notably, this is the first time in history that players on any PlayStation will be allowed to play with players on other platforms.

Fortnite’s open beta for cross-console play on PlayStation 4 kicked off on September 26th.

According to Postal office on the PlayStation Blog, the Fortnite Open Beta will be the first step towards “cross-platform support for select third-party content.”

“After a comprehensive assessment process, the SIE has identified the path to cross-platform support for select third-party content. We understand that PS4 players have been looking forward to the update, and appreciate the community’s continued patience as we overcome this challenge to find a solution.

“The first step will be the open beta launching today for Fortnite, which will bring cross-platform gameplay, development and commerce to PlayStation 4. Android, iOS, Operating Systems Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Mac. We see the beta as an opportunity to conduct rigorous testing to ensure the best cross-platform play on PlayStation while keeping the user experience in mind, both technically and socially.

“For 24 years, we have striven to provide our fans with the best gaming experience by providing unique experiences for the PlayStation. Today, the communities around some games have evolved to the point that cross-platform experiences significantly add value to the players.

“This represents a major policy change for YOU, and we are now in the planning process throughout the organization to support this change. We will update the community as soon as we have more details to share, ”read the blog post.

The new solution represents a major change for Sony, which has long resisted cross-console gaming for its PlayStation platform, even when many other companies have joined in.

It also followed years of increasingly vocal criticism from PlayStation fans for allowing cross-console play. Japanese the tech giant is finally listening.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a free-to-play shooter game released and developed by Epic Games, which has approximately 125 million players worldwide.

Initially launched in July 2017, its Battle Royale mode was introduced in September of that year and has greatly increased its popularity. In game mode, 100 players fight in matches that combine traditional action shooter gameplay with elements of fort building and survival games.

Fortnite that released on Android in August 2018 and is also currently available to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS and iOS.

Video game coming soon sixth season the worldwide launch is expected to take place on Thursday 27 September.


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