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Marble quarry in Russia plays host to concert

This marble quarry has an impressive depth of 70 meters.

The area is used to the constant hum of cars and strange interruptions in the work of trucks removing blocks of marble.

But today is a special day – you can hear music instead of cars.

A concert is taking place in the marble quarry.

The Marble Mile festival, which has been held for the third year already, is organized by the Erza International Art Foundation and the Polevskoy self-government with the support of other state and public organizations.

The purpose of the festival this year is to unite different cultures and peoples, and folk music is performed in several languages ​​- Russian, Greek, Latin, Georgian, Ukrainian and Serbian.

The Urals region has traditionally been an industrial region, but events such as the festival allow it to open up and serve an important cultural purpose.

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