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After disrupted classes, India school pass percentages at a high

Students wearing PPE kits will appear for the exam at St Mary’s High School in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday 26 April 2021.
Image Credit: ANI

Thiruvananthapuram: Students were deeply affected when COVID-19 interrupted classes in March 2020, towards the end of last academic year in India. And then almost the entire 2020/21 school year was disrupted as schools remained closed in much of the country.

Against this background, one would expect students to perform poorly in school, but if their grades and grades are good enough, they did very well when not in school.

Almost 100% passed

The latest surprise was the Indian Council for Secondary Education (ICSE) results for grades 10 and 12, announced Saturday, which also showed strong performance across states.

In Kerala, the success rate for the ICSE Class 10 exam was a record 100%, which means that no one in the state who wrote the exam failed the exam.

Similar results have already been reported from several government education councils. In May, the Punjab State Board of Education announced 99.93% of the state’s 10th grade exams, followed by the Odisha School Exam Board passing 97.89% of the state’s 10th grade.

The 10th grade matriculation exam in Kerala yielded a similar result, with a 99.47 success rate earlier this month.

Helping hand’

The assessment of the answer sheets is believed to have been liberal across the country, given the disruptions in class and the psychological pressures faced by students who were unable to attend physical education classes throughout the year.

In addition, there was also a “helping hand” from the government. For example, in Kerala, students were given “guidelines” from where they could expect questions. In addition, 80-point questions were asked for 40-point subjects and students were allowed to answer all questions.

Trolls in the system

With nearly everyone who came to the exams passed the exams, education trolls dominated the social media space following the announcement of the school’s final results.

“When the children went to school, 41 906 A +, when they were at home, 121 318 A +. Should schools be opened at all? “the troll went over the dramatic rise in the number of students scoring an A in all subjects.


Observers stated that school performance is not significant as it is little more than a qualification mark for the next level of education.

“Exponential changes in technology will have a huge impact on what the industry needs and what jobs will come up. In the future, cognitive skills will be in vogue, not mechanical, ”Tony Thomas, director of digital technology and information for Amsterdam-based Signify, told Gulf News.

The entrepreneur and former IAS employee K. Balagopal said that “the education system has been oriented towards the factory system since the days of the industrial revolution.” He said that what is being taught today has very little to do with the world at its inception.

Parental fear

The high success rate has given many Indian parents double concerns: one of them is whether their students will get admission to high school, because almost all passed, and a very large number of students received A + in all subjects.

Second, they also fear whether their children have received adequate theoretical knowledge, and whether their social skills have become dull due to the inability to go to school.

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