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Police respond to viral video showing officer appearing to toss a baggie into man’s car

BUT. Wisconsin police the department defended itself after video went viral by showing one of his officers throwing a plastic bag at car after stopping for speeding.

The video was originally posted on Facebook a user named “La Savou” who is believed to be from the city of Racine and works as a recording artist, according to his page. It captures the moments after he was stopped for speeding by officers of the Caledonian Police Department.

The footage shows an officer approaching a stopped car and throwing what looks like a plastic bag at the open passenger door.

“What is this? What did you just throw in here? I got you on camera, bro,” La Sava asks the cop.

The policeman replies, “What what?”

“Hi bro, you just dropped this here,” he says to the officer as he brings the bag closer. Then the video is cut off.

The footage went viral on social media on July 24, with many people criticizing the police officer.

In response, the police department posted on Facebook their own video, captured by the officer’s camera, showing more context around the viral video.

Police footage shows that the bag was taken from another passenger in the car by another employee on the scene. Then another officer hands it to his colleague, who then throws it into the car, as in the first video.

He is heard explaining why he put the bag back in the car, in body camera footage.

“Because he was in his pocket, and I don’t want to hold on to it,” he says audibly.

Christopher Borsch, the Caledonian police chief, said there were no illegal drugs in the bag.

“The empty corner slot did NOT contain any prohibited substances; However, such packaging is a common way of storing illicit drugs, ”he said in an interview. statement

He continued: “The empty slot in the corner was transferred by the search engine to another officer who was on the scene. This officer handed it over to the officer seen in the video. Since there are NO DRUGS in the corner slot, the police threw the empty packing material in the car. This is what was seen in the video. “

They also clarified that the car was stopped because it was traveling at 63 mph in the 45 mph area. The driver presented her license to law enforcement, but two passengers, including La Sava, did not show their IDs to the police. The authorities that have ceased to be “legal”. According to police, passengers were not wearing seat belts.

According to the policeman, no arrests were made, but the driver received a speeding ticket.

The Caledonia Village Police Department said they were still reviewing more than six hours of body camera footage of four police officers at the scene.

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