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Video: Nine dead, three injured after bridge collapses in Himachal Pradesh, India

Image Credit: ANI Photo

Kinnur: At least nine people were killed and three were injured in the Kinnaur area of ​​Himachal Pradesh on Sunday after a bridge collapsed as boulders fell from a hill due to a landslide.

According to Saju Ram Rana, superintendent of the Kinnaur district police, nine people were killed by tourists traveling by car. A rescue team is present on site.

“Nine people were killed and three were injured as boulders rolled downhill due to a landslide in Kinnaur. As a result of this incident, the Baceri Bridge collapsed. A rescue team was present at the scene, ”Rana said.

Stones fell from the hill near Baceri onto the Sangla Chitkul road. 11 people, including the driver, were at the pace of the traveler. The rest were injured along with another passer-by who was walking along the road.

“The people in the traveler were from different parts of the country and came to Kinnaur to visit them. Police Guards and ITBP officers arrived at the rescue site.

Several gardens, cars and houses were also damaged. Chief Minister of the State of Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur expressed condolences over the death of tourists.

“The accident in Baceri in Kinnaura because of a landslide is heartbreaking. It is very sad that a car carrying tourists fell under it, in which 9 were killed and 3 more were injured. May God rest the souls of the dead and the strength of the deceased. The family of the dead,” wrote Thakur on Twitter.

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