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Karachi administrator warns doctors who refuse to treat COVID-19 patients

A student receives the Convidecia COVID-19 vaccine from a healthcare professional at the Jamia Naimiya vaccination center, Islamic University in Lahore, Pakistan, Monday 12 July 2021.
Image Credit: AP

Karachi: Karachi’s administrator, Laik Ahmed, has warned that he does not want doctors in the city who are unwilling to treat COVID-19 patients.

The Karachi administrator issued a warning about this during a surprise visit to Abbasi Shahid Hospital, Karachi’s third largest public hospital, where he found its newly created COVID-19 was not working.

Ahmed said that doctors who were not ready to provide medical services to patients with coronavirus did not honor their oath of noble profession.

He said that doctors and other personnel who were unwilling to operate on the COVID-19 ward were not allowed to remain associated with the hospital run by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. Doctors and paramedical staff at one of Karachi’s largest hospitals, who have not fulfilled their responsibilities to treat COVID-19 patients, have lost a precious opportunity to deliver vital national services, he said.

He said that in the current situation, the Karachi municipality is required to provide basic medical services, as otherwise it would be a great injustice to the residents of the city.

Ahmed urged the hospital’s doctors and nurses to carry out their duties with the utmost dedication and commitment to treating coronavirus patients.

He warned that doctors and ancillary personnel who refuse to carry out their duties will be dismissed from the service.

The COVID-19 department of Abbasi Shahid Hospital consists of 70 beds, an intensive care unit with 25 beds and a department of 18 ventilators for critically ill patients.

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