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Amazon rolls out male voice for its smart speakers

Meet Ziggy: Amazon is releasing a brand new voice for Alexa that will provide users with a more masculine choice than the default assistant voice.

  • Amazon has quietly unveiled a new voice option for its line of smart speakers
  • It is only available to users in the US, but may appear worldwide in the near future.
  • He also added two more celebrity voices that may come from his speakers.

Amazon has started releasing a male version of its smart assistant called Ziggy as an alternative to Alexa.

Amazon US smart speaker users can now choose between Alexa or Ziggy voice command.

They can simply say “Alexa, change your voice” to hear a male voice from the speaker, or go to settings in the Alexa app.

There’s a short snippet of Ziggy’s voice with a common American robotic accent to listen to. here

Amazon’s smart assistant powers Echo speakers, including the fourth-generation spherical Echo launched last fall (pictured)


– In the Alexa app, select Device Settings, Alexa Voice and then New.

– Or you can say “Alexa, change your voice”

Please note that this option is currently only available for US users.

Amazon’s smart assistants power its line of Echo speakers, including spherical echo of the fourth generation released last fall.

The addition of Ziggy’s voice was quietly done by Amazon and first spotted Surrounding

At the moment it is only available to users in the US, but most likely in the near future it will be deployed around the world “with regional notes”, says ambient.

However, an Amazon spokesman did not tell MailOnline about Ziggy’s availability in the UK.

Technically, Amazon added “Ziggy” as one of its “wake-up words” – words that users can say in front of a team to make sure the smart assistant is listening.

Four other pre-existing wake words are Alexa, Computer, Amazon, and Echo.

In addition, users can choose between a male or female voice and use any of the awakening words to activate them.

Thus, this means that users can potentially start a command with the word “Ziggy” and hear a female voice respond in a gender reassignment turn.

Also this month, Amazon unveiled two celebrity voices that users can hear from its smart speaker – former basketball player Shaquille O’Neill and actress Melissa McCarthy.

Users just need to say “Hey Shaq” or “Hey Melissa” to hear a sample of pre-recorded messages, although they don’t offer the same range of responses as automatic voices.

Users have already been able to hear the distinctive tones of actor Samuel L. Jackson, known for his memorable dialogues in films such as Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane, simply by saying, “Hey Samuel.”

Alexa – or whatever name you want to give your smart assistant – was also equipped with facts about the OlympicsAmazon also reported this week, which officially kicked off Friday in Tokyo.

Users of Alexa-enabled devices can ask the smart assistant a series of questions, including “Alexa, which country has the most gold medals?” And get answers almost immediately.

Earlier this year, Alexa what supplemented by a number of Shakespearean insults to the 405th anniversary of the death of the English playwright.

When asked to utter a Shakespearean insult, Alexa may respond, “The most horrific mix of villainous smell that ever snubbed the nostril” from The Merry Wives of Windsor.


In September 2020, Amazon released a new Echo smart speakers powered by Alexa, with a completely new spherical design and improved sound.

The new fourth generation Echo series differs from the original cylindrical design of the Echo series and the design of the Echo Dot series hockey puck.

The Amazon Echo has changed its original hockey puck shape to a more attractive ball shape.  Pictured, Echo Dot (4th generation)

The Amazon Echo has changed its original hockey puck shape to a more attractive ball shape. Pictured, Echo Dot (4th generation)

The new range features a bright LED ring at the base of the sphere that reflects off surfaces “for added visibility” 3.0-inch woofer, dual-excitation tweeters and Dolby processing for better stereo sound.

The new Echo currently costs £ 80, while the smaller Echo Dot starts from £ 50, while the children’s version of the Echo Dot is also available with a panda or tiger graphic.

Alternatively, users can opt for the Echo Show series – devices that combine a camera and screen with an Alexa-powered smart speaker.

Amazon is currently offering its smart display, the Echo Show 8 for £ 100 and the large-screen Echo Show 10 for £ 240.

Since the Echo line was launched in 2014, it has spawned a huge number of different devices, some of which have yet to be released.

In September 2019, Amazon announced the Echo Loop smart ring allowing users to speak into their hands, which has yet to receive the full version.

On the same day, the Echo Frames were announced – Alexa-based smart glasses with tiny microphones embedded in the frame.

British writer Sam Jordison called the specs “intimidating spyware” and a privacy threat as it allows Alexa to hear and record most private conversations within earshot.

Echo Frames are listed on Amazon as “not currently available”.


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