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Clashes at Paris protest over virus passes

Protesters clashed with police in Paris on Saturday at a rally against a bill requiring every person to have a special virus pass to enter restaurants and other establishments, as well as mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for all healthcare workers.

Lawmakers in the French Senate are debating the bill on Saturday after the lower house of parliament approved it on Friday.

The number of viral infections in France is on the rise and the number of hospitalizations is on the rise again.

The government is trying to speed up vaccinations to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals and avoid new bans.

Most French adults are fully vaccinated, and polls show that the majority of French people support the new measures.

The rest of the French yellow vest movement, mostly from political extremes, is also using the virus bill to try and rekindle its flames.

The movement began in 2018 as a widespread uprising against alleged economic injustice and led to months of protests marked by violence between demonstrators and police, but died down after the French government addressed many of the protesters’ concerns.

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