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Psychedelic DMT Retreats : Silo Wellness DMT Retreats

Silo Wellness is adding 5-MeO-DMT to its portfolio of psilocybin and ketamine retreats, leveraging the compound’s ability to rewire neural pathways for therapeutic integration at 2 new wellness centers located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Silo Wellness DMT retreats will include yoga, meditation, breathwork and spiritual training, as well as culinary and cultural activities unique to Jamaica.

The move to incorporate DMT, also known as the “God Molecule,” came against the backdrop of what has been dubbed a global mental health crisis and a wave of public opinion about the innovative therapeutic possibilities of psychedelics. Silo Wellness believes that psychedelics “create truly transformative and spiritual experiences that can be deeply healing,” and sees DMT as a tool that, when used responsibly and under the right guidance, can help members achieve improved self-actualization.

Image Credit: Silo Wellness

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