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Protesters march in Spain after killing of gay man

On Sunday, people took to the streets again in cities across Spain to demand justice after a gay young man was beaten to death in an alleged homophobic attack last weekend.

Crowds filled the central square of Madrid, and activists marched through the streets of Almeria and the northern city of Coruña, where the crime occurred, chanting slogans and waving flags in rainbow colors.

Similar demonstrations took place over the weekend in other cities, including Barcelona and Seville.

Samuel Luis, a 24-year-old nurse assistant, was beaten unconscious outside a nightclub in A Coruña in the early morning of July 3 by several assailants. He later died in hospital.

According to his friends, the attackers shouted homophobic insults while beating Louis.

Police have so far arrested six suspects, including two minors, in connection with the murder, but authorities said they are still working to determine if the attack was motivated by homophobia.

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