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Brazil’s Far-Right President Admitted To Hospital… For Hiccups

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was hospitalized on Wednesday to determine what was causing the hiccups that lasted several days, according to a statement from the president’s office.

Bolsonaro was in the military hospital in Brasilia and, according to the statement, “felt good”. He had to be monitored for 24 to 48 hours, either in the hospital or at home.

In recent weeks, Bolsonaro has had difficulty speaking on several occasions and has said that he suffers from repeated hiccups.

“I apologize to everyone who listens to me because I have been hiccupping for five days,” Bolsonaro told Radio Guaiba on July 7. He suggested that some medications prescribed after dental surgery may be the cause. “I have hiccups 24 hours a day.”

The next day, during his weekly Facebook Live session, Bolsonaro again apologized for not being able to express himself well due to a week of hiccups.

The president was seriously injured on an election train in 2018 when he was stabbed in the stomach, resulting in intestinal damage and severe internal bleeding. Since then, he has undergone several operations, some of which are unrelated to the attack.

Bolsonaro is under growing pressure from a Congressional investigation into how his administration is dealing with the pandemic and alleged corruption in procurement of Covid-19 vaccines, and recent polls have shown he could lose the next 2022 election.

On Tuesday night, during a 20-minute meeting with the president in Brasilia, supporters repeatedly asked him to take care of his health.

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