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Kentucky state lawmaker under fire for comparing Dr Fauci to cult leader

BUT. Kentucky State legislator criticized for comparing doctor Anthony Fauci cult leader Jim Jones.

Republican Representative Regina Huff, who chairs the House Education Committee, took to Twitter to post a photo of Dr. Fauci next to one of the Johnstown the leader of the massacre.

The tweet contained a caption under a photo of Jones that read, “I convinced over 900 people to drink my kulaid,” a reference to the sect members who died in a mass suicide in 1978.

And under “Dr. Fauci,” the headline read: “The Amateur.”

Next to the picture, Ms. Huff wrote, “Some will pick on, they won’t be able to help themselves,” before quickly deleting the message.

But the reporter Courier magazine A newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky received a screenshot of the tweet and re-posted it.

“I did delete the tweet because of the vulgarity in the comments,” Huff said in another tweet, which was later deleted as well.

She wrote that the original tweet was “representative of efforts to impose sanctions and control over citizens.”

“Our students have to go to school and parents have to decide whether or not they wear a mask.”

In a third tweet, she explained that her reference to Jonestown was “not a reference to vaccinations at all,” but “mandates and control efforts.”

(General Assembly of Kentucky)

And she added: “I have no problem getting vaccinated. Everyone has the right to choose whether to get them vaccinated or not. “

Kentucky has reported more than 473,000 cases of Covid-19 during the pandemic and 7,347 deaths from the virus.

Ms. Huff’s comments come at a time when state school districts are deciding on masks in schools and if vaccinated students are required to wear them.

Independent reached out to Miss Huff for comment.

The Kentucky State Health Authority currently recommends that unvaccinated students wear masks, but says counties may require masks for everyone if it makes it easier to comply with the rules.

A total of 909 members of the Temple of the Nations died from cyanide poisoning in a 1978 suicide-murder in a remote settlement in Guyana.

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