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Jeff Bezos to give away $200 million to Van Jones and José Andrés after trip to space

Jeff Bezos says he is handing out two prizes of $ 100 million in “courage and courtesy awards.”

The prices were announced at the end of the commemoration press conference. Blue Origin’s journey into space, in which Mr. Bezos and three of his fellow travelers completed the company’s first ever crewed flight.

The first two prices will be given to the activist and TV presenter. Van Jones, and chef and humanitarian Jose Andrés. Mr Bezos suggested that more awards could be presented in the future.

Mr Bezos said both recipients do not yet understand how the money will be spent. According to him, it can be given to non-profit organizations either in the form of one large sum, or divided among several sums.

The Amazon founder has faced constant criticism for his journey into space and suggestions that he should better spend his money on solving problems on Earth. He said such critics were “mostly right,” but denied that space travel and home improvements contradicted each other.

The new award appears to have aimed to remove some of this criticism, but Mr. Bezos donated a small portion of his enormous fortune in order to create new solutions.

Mr Bezos said the award was a new “charity initiative.” This is due to the belief that people are too quick to question people’s “character or motives” rather than their “ideas.”

He made this announcement as the post-flight press conference came to an end. During the discussion, he said that he had a fresh perspective on the journey and that it exceeded his expectations before announcing the surprise award.

Mr. Bezos did not say when or how often he will present the Courage and Politeness award. He only said that it is aimed at recognizing “leaders who strive to achieve lofty goals, courageously seek solutions and always do it politely.”

Television commentator, writer and activist Van Jones said after announcing his award that he would spend money connecting “grassroots” organizations with “geniuses who destroyed” industries so that they could “eradicate poverty.” “And other problems facing the world.

Jose Andrés, the Spanish chef who founded the nonprofit World Central Kitchen, seemed on the verge of tears when he received his award. He said he was “flattered” and “very grateful.”

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