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What time do the islanders wake up on Love Island?

Yearly Island of love Throws crawl out of bed to flirt, tan, and get rid of each other, but what time of day do they crawl out of bed?

Wake-up time for the islanders is one of the best kept secrets of the ITV2 blockbuster, but former members have stated that producers forbid members to sleep after 9:30 a.m.

Others have argued that a loud voice wakes the islanders through the speakers and makes them get out of bed, turning on all the lights.

Even more bizarre, the members also claimed that the producers deliberately didn’t tell them the time of day, and were often forced to guess what time it was based on where the sun was in the sky.

This secrecy also applies to any hours in Island of love villas that are deliberately displayed at the wrong time to confuse the participants.

Island of love the sixth episode is currently underway and started on 28 June. The show is returning after a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The series is expected to run for a total of eight weeks and air on ITV2 in July and August.

Island of love continues every night except Saturday at 9:00 pm on ITV2.

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