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Update: No need for ‘attested’ COVID-19 vaccination certificate for travel from Pakistan to UAE

Dubai: Good news for Pakistanis as they are not required to carry a certified COVID-19 vaccination certificate to enter the UAE, as previously reported. Gulf News I can reveal.

The UAE Embassy in Islamabad has withdrawn its decision yesterday that Pakistanis traveling to the UAE will need to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the UAE embassy before traveling to the UAE.

Hamad Al Zaabi

“Passengers traveling from Pakistan to the UAE do not need a certified COVID-19 vaccine certificate. We have notified the Pakistani Foreign Ministry of the revised decision, ”Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Al-Zaabi told Gulf News by telephone from Islamabad. He added that currently the passenger can continue to travel without any such “restrictions”.

On May 13, the UAE suspended scheduled passenger flights from Pakistan due to a sharp rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan. Currently, only diplomats, golden visa holders, UAE citizens and officials can come to the UAE from Pakistan. Also, passengers arriving on charter flights with prior special permission can enter the UAE.

The UAE General Directorate of Civil Aviation previously issued a notice that flights would be suspended until 21 July. The UAE and Pakistani airlines have already opened flight bookings from 21 July. However, the official announcement of the resumption of flights is still pending.

Earlier, the UAE obliged passengers traveling from Pakistan to the UAE to carry certified Covid-19 certificates.

An earlier notification said COVID-19 vaccination certificates must be certified by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry and then by the UAE Embassy in Islamabad or the Consulate General in Karachi. It was also announced that the new rule for Pakistani travelers will take effect on August 1.

However, Pakistani expats living in the UAE were exempted from the new travel restrictions if they were vaccinated against COVID-19 from the UAE. They must have an Al Hosn app to prove their vaccination status.

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