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Germany-Belgium floods: Death toll tops 180 as Angela Merkel to visit

German military assists flood rescue operations as death toll rises

The death toll Germany Others Belgium exceeded 180 on Sunday after rescuers dug deeper into the debris left by the receding waters.

It was confirmed that about 155 people died in Germany and 27 died in Belgium.

The military was deployed to assist the search and rescue mission and was seen using armored personnel carriers to disperse vehicles and trucks flooded by flood waters in Erftstadt, a city southwest of Cologne, where land in one area gave way.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to visit the devastated Schuld, a village near Ahrweiler in the worst-hit region of Rhineland-Palatinate, on Sunday. It is known that about 110 people died in the area.

About 65 people were evacuated from their homes in the German district of Berchtesgaden after the flood of the Ache River. At least one person died.

The flood began to spread to Austria, where flash floods swept through the city of Hallein late Saturday, although no casualties were reported.

There was also a flood on the German-Czech border.


Climatologists believe the link between extreme weather and global warming is clear.

Climate scientists say the link between extreme weather and global warming is clear, and the need for urgent action to tackle climate change is undeniable.

Scientists cannot yet say for sure whether the flooding caused climate change, but they insist that it certainly exacerbates the extreme weather conditions seen around the world.

Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission, said yesterday that floods are a “clear sign” of climate change.

“Science tells us the intensity and duration of events, it’s a clear indication of climate change and what really, really does signal the urgency of action,” she said.

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Election candidate apologizes for oversight of laughter during flood visit

Chancellor candidate Angela Merkel apologized for laughing amid video footage of President Steinmeier visiting the flood-stricken region.

Admin Laschet came under fire after a video appeared on Saturday of the leader laughing as the president makes a statement.

IN tweetLaschet said: “The fate of the victims is important to us, about which we have heard in many conversations,” he wrote. “So I am all the more regretful about the impression that the speaking situation made. It was inappropriate and I’m sorry. “

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At least 300 million euros will be offered for urgent assistance

An immediate aid package totaling at least € 300 million (£ 257 million) will be proposed at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said.

He added that officials should start developing a recovery program, which, judging from the experience with the previous flood, will cost billions of euros.

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Floods hit Austria

On Saturday evening, flash floods swept through the neighboring Austrian town of Hallein, but no casualties were reported.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Twitter that heavy rain and hurricanes caused serious damage to several parts of Austria.

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Angela Merkel will visit the destroyed region

Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to visit Schuld today, a devastated area in the worst-hit region of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Merkel called the flood “Tragedy” and pledged federal support to the affected municipalities in Germany.

Her visit came after President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visited her on Saturday and called on her for further support.

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The death toll exceeds 180

The death toll in Belgium and Germany has exceeded 180.

The confirmed death toll in the worst-affected region of Rhineland-Palatinate is 110, and there are fears that it may continue to rise. In the North Rhine-Westphalia area, 45 deaths have been confirmed, including four firefighters.

The death toll in Belgium remains at 27.

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