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Daughter of Afghan envoy to Pakistan briefly kidnapped: Government

Kabul: The daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan was briefly kidnapped and mistreated by unknown assailants, the Afghan government said Saturday.

Silsila Alikhil was on her way home when she was captured for several hours and “brutally tortured,” the Afghan Foreign Ministry said in a statement, without providing further details on Friday’s abduction in Islamabad.

“After Ms. Alikhil was released from the captivity of her kidnappers, she received medical attention in the hospital,” the statement said, which called for an investigation and the protection of Afghan diplomats.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Afghan embassy informed him of the attack on Alikhil while driving in a rented car. Police are investigating a “disturbing incident” and security measures have been tightened against the ambassador and his family, the report said.

Neighbors Pakistan and Afghanistan have long enjoyed strong ties. Kabul accuses Pakistan of providing safe haven for Taliban insurgents, and Islamabad accuses Kabul of allowing militants to use its territory to carry out attacks in Pakistan.

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