How To Buy A Portable Hot Tub or House Health Spa

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When you first choose to buy a portable jacuzzi or house spa, you will be faced with a dizzying array of functions, specs, designs and devices. It can be rather challenging to research all of these possibilities and figure out the very best configuration for your requirements. The web is a fantastic tool for finding literally thousands of sources of info, however it can likewise add to the confusion by making it tough to understand which sites use unbiased insights and which websites are thinly masked sales pitches for a particular maker.


Start With the Fundamentals

The first step is in understanding the numerous various names you will read when trying to find details about how to purchase a portable jacuzzi or home health club. Here are some commonly utilized terms:

  • House day spa– normally made with an acrylic shell; surrounding cabinet might be made from wood or synthetic materials; can be utilized to describe an above ground, in-ground, indoor or outside health club.
  • Jacuzzi– name originally offered to the earliest day spas that were typically round, made of wood, and located outdoors; now is typically used interchangeably with the expression ‘home medical spa’.
  • Portable hot tub/portable house health spa– name for any hot tub/home spa that is pre-assembled and sits above ground; actual size and features of a portable hot tub vary extensively, from small tubs that weigh just a few hundred pounds and are quick to establish to large tubs that weigh several thousand pounds and need particular setup techniques and electrical circuitry.
  • Jacuzzi ® hot tub– Brand name Jacuzzi ® is a popular maker of house day spa systems; jacuzzi is often utilized as a generic reference to any house health spa or jacuzzi


Think of Your Requirements

As you do more research study into portable home day spas and hot tubs, you will discover there are many sizes and functions readily available. Here is simply a partial list of typical offerings:

  • 4 to 6 individual, six to 8 individual, 8 to ten person sizes
  • Lounge, bench and therapy seats
  • Power, circulation, foot or therapy jets
  • Adjustable jets
  • Electronic or pneumatic controls
  • Water purification systems
  • Single or dual filtering systems
  • Ozonator systems
  • Automatic day spa covers
  • Water fountains
  • CD/stereo systems

As you can see, there are lots of options for setting up a portable house day spa. Remember, however, that the very best hot tubs do not always have the most or the fanciest functions. What is essential is that you choose a medspa that has the features best suited to your own needs and choices.


Think About Expenses

Expense is a crucial factor to consider when you choose to buy a portable jacuzzi. The preliminary financial investment can range from $3,000 approximately $20,000, depending on the size, construction, and features of the spa you choose. Just as essential, though are the ongoing expenses of operating a house medical spa.


Initial Expense

  • Understructure construction– size of interior wood frame products (2×4, 1×2, 2×3, etc), pressure treated base
  • Insulation– basic single layer polyurethane, low-density packaging foam, multi-layered high density foam
  • Cabinetry– natural wood, artificial wood, metal, detachable walls, access panels
  • Shell building and construction– quality and thickness of fiberglass, quality and dependability of the production process
  • Number/type of jets– standard varieties of jets, personalized variety of jets
  • Jacuzzi heater– wattage, power utilized, speed of water heating
  • Controls– electronic, single or dual, pneumatic, push-button control
  • Number/type of pumps– single, dual, or triple pumps
  • Electrical requirements– 110v or 220v
  • Surface/pad requirements– dirt, gravel, concrete
  • Accessories and additional features– fountains, water features, CD/stereo, lights
  • Jacuzzi covers– standard, custom-made, high-density, with or without automated lifter
  • Shipment and/or setup costs– shipping from remote provider, shipment by regional pool or health spa provider, labor to place health spa in desired location, initial medical spa established


Continuous Expenses of Operating a Jacuzzi:

  • Chemicals– what chemicals are advised, where can they be acquired, just how much do they cost, what amount is most likely to be needed
  • Filters– capability, advised length of time in between modifications, price and schedule of replacements
  • Electrical power– cost per kwh from your utility, features and insulation to save power and protect heat
  • Water– cost per gallon each time health spa is filled, pH of water to determine quantity/type of chemicals required
  • Repair work– regional repair service technicians, accessibility to pumps and motors, warranty length and protection
  • Maintenance and upkeep of cabinets and shell– cleansing, staining, conservation

In basic, it is better to put your cash into a few of the ‘hidden’ functions that will make your house spa last longer and cost less to operate. This includes things like efficient insulation, quality heating systems and pumps, excellent water filtering systems, and so forth.


Think About Maintenance

Another essential consideration when buying a portable hot tub or house medical spa is the maintenance that will be needed. This includes not only any repair work that may be needed with time, however ongoing maintenance and maintenance to keep your tub clean and enjoyable to utilize.

Here are some locations to think about:

  1. Water upkeep– is the chemical and filtering system robust adequate to keep the water clean for the level of use you expect? This will have a big effect on both routine water sanitation activities and the frequency of full water changes. Ideally, your day spa must need minimal day-to-day attention and a very little number of lengthy full water modifications.
  2. Cabinet maintenance– if the cabinet is made of wood and the portable hot tub lies outdoors, plan to re-stain the wood at least when each year. If the cabinet is made from synthetic products then routine spraying with a hose and/or wiping off dirt is normally adequate.
  3. Repair work– pumps wear out, heating units stop heating, and other mechanical problems undoubtedly show up. Read and understand the producer’s warranty before you buy, trying to find key points like protection of parts, labor and other products. Likewise, try to find covert costs and other costs you might sustain if, for example, a repair professional has to travel from out of town to get to your location or if the regional supplier does not keep a particular part in stock. Some guarantees on portable home medspas even specify that particular kinds of guarantee repairs should be done at the health club factory, needing you to spend for delivering to and from the factory.



Purchasing a jacuzzi is a financial investment that needs to not be taken lightly. Make the effort to research study and collect details, and check out a number of different medical spa manufacturers. Careful shopping and selection of a home health spa settles in the end, though, as you end up with a portable house spa that can give you years of enjoyment.

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