May 16, 2021

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Delhi hospitals put patients on oxygen support on a priority basis

Hospitals in Delhi are providing patients with oxygen support on a priority basis amid an acute shortage of life-saving gas. Over the past few days, hospitals across the capital have sent messages of distress on social media about the depleted oxygen supply. Dr Jyoti Mishra, Medical Director at Akash Healthcare, Dwarka, said on Tuesday that although hospitals have few patients without COVID-19, when the oxygen supply is low, it affects all patients.

“The number of patients not infected with COVID has decreased. Only those who need emergency treatments come to hospitals. When there is an oxygen situation, it affects the whole hospital. However, the dependence on oxygen is very low for the non-COVID patients of the patients in COVID-19 region.

Dr. Omar Zhor, head of emergency department at Indian Spine Injuries Center, said that they have stopped supplying oxygen to patients who can survive without life-saving gas for a few hours in such a critical condition.

“From COVID to myocardial infarction, and stroke – everyone in a true emergency needs oxygen. There could be deaths due to the lack of oxygen. There are patients who need less oxygen, so we have stopped the supply of those who can survive. If their oxygen saturation level is 88-90 percent without oxygen support and rises to 98 with oxygen support, then we give them a rest period. We have to give them a rest period to see if the lungs can be supportive, ”he said.

The hospital has 170 patients with coronavirus, 30 patients not infected with COVID virus, and about 90 percent of patients receive oxygen support.

Alisha Gandhi of Gandhi Hospital said they have a 60:40 ratio of COVID and patients not infected with COVID. She said giving oxygen is one of the lines of treatment and when a crisis arises, the medical staff chooses alternative treatment lines.