May 8, 2021

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More virulent COVID strain and insufficient infrastructure led to more deaths in Delhi: Experts

Experts said, Thursday, that a more dangerous strain of the Corona virus, and insufficient infrastructure to deal with critical cases and stockpile essential medicines, led to more deaths in Delhi.

They also said the death toll could be greater because many patients die outside of hospitals while waiting for a bed.

Dr. Gogal Kishore, chief of community medicine at Safdarjung Hospital, said that “insufficient infrastructure” to deal with critical patients is leading to more deaths.

“The virus does not cause many deaths … it is a lack of resources and facilities. This is the main reason,” he said.

Critical cases accumulate but no family is available for them. Dr. Kishore said that many patients have died on the way to hospitals or outside healthcare facilities while waiting for a bed, while many have died from lack of oxygen.

Critical patients spend 10 to 20 days in the intensive care unit or on oxygen support. Therefore, the family remains occupied for this period, even as the number of critical cases continues to increase every day, he said.

The black marketing and stockpiling of essential medicines used to treat critically ill patients is another reason.

“This has limited people’s access to these drugs,” he said.

Sudhanshu Pankata, CEO of Batra Hospital in Tughlakabad Institutional District, said that a critical patient succumbed to the virus 14 to 15 days after he tested positive.

“Therefore, if there are more cases today, the number of deaths will be high on the fourteenth or fifteenth day,” he said.

Pankata also said that a large number of patients are being treated at home, as the hospital beds are full.

“In many cases, patients need a high oxygen flow which can only be provided in hospitals and not through condensers or cylinders. By the time the bed becomes available, their condition has really deteriorated sharply,” he said.

Dr. said. K. Baloga, Medical Director of Jaipur Gold Hospital, “The amount (of injuries) is very high. The number of cases has increased from 8000 to 25000. So, the absolute number of deaths will be three times.”

“Your logistics, your manpower and everything collapses in such a situation. The way the load increases, your ability is unable to keep up,” he said.

Of the 17,414 deaths due to COVID-19 in Delhi since the start of the epidemic, more than 5,050 cases have occurred in the past two weeks.

Delhi recorded 448 deaths from the deadly coronavirus on Monday, the highest in the city since the epidemic began sweeping countries.

The capital recorded 407 deaths on Sunday, 412 on Saturday, 375 on Friday, 395 on Thursday, and 368 on Wednesday. 381 on Tuesday, 380 on Monday, 350 on Sunday, and 357 on Saturday last week, according to government data.