May 16, 2021

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Powerful wearable conditioning units: reon pocket 2

Sony’s latest release is the powerful Reon Pocket 2, which does the double duty of heating or cooling the user’s body on demand. Attached to the body with a neck strap or tucked into compatible clothing, the device uses advanced heat-absorbent technology to deliver a consistent cooling experience over long periods of time. High-performance materials such as stainless steel provide unmatched thermal conductivity with dust and water droplets remaining at all times.

Designed for consumers who need to regulate their temperature through long commutes, the Reon Pocket 2’s updated and more robust output allows the device to handle light exercises like golf with ease. The device is rechargeable via USB and the battery lasts from 3 to 20 hours depending on the specific power output. The AC unit is controlled by an application and includes a convenient automatic mode that intuitively adapts to the detected activity levels. Reon Pocket 2 is currently only available in Japan.

Image Credit: Rayon