May 9, 2021

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Private hospital chains Max, Fortis and Apollo are preparing to start vaccinations for the 18-45 age group

Three leading private hospital chains, Max Healthcare, said they will start the new phase of the vaccination campaign starting Saturday, when all adults will be eligible for the vaccine.

However, other hospital chains have said they lack vaccines and will not be able to vaccinate the 18-45 age group for the time being.

“The vaccination program will start in limited quantities and will be intensified in the coming weeks,”

Hospitals said in a statement on Friday. It did not disclose how many doses are available and which centers will start driving.

A hospital official said: “Delhi has not received any supplies so far, so we are not sure to start driving from tomorrow.” The official said limited supplies of Covishield from the Serum Institute in India and Covaxin from Bharat Biotech will be available.

An Apollo official said Covaxin will cost 1,250 rupees per dose, while Covishield will cost 850 rupees per dose.

Max Healthcare said she will get supplies from the Serum Institute late Friday evening and will start the vaccination from Saturday.

“We will open our doors for reservations but we will not walk around. Vaccinations will not happen in centers that have Covid-19 patients such as Saket Hospital. Also in Gurgaon, we will not start from tomorrow,” a Max official said. He said.

The official said the Covishield dose is likely to be priced at 800-900 euros, including administration fees, at Max Healthcare.

Abhay Soi, Chairman of Max Healthcare, said the hospital chain is planning to ramp up vaccination and will soon launch vaccination campaigns in communities, businesses and RWAs.

Fortis Healthcare will start vaccinating adults at all of its centers in North India starting Saturday.


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The drive will start in other cities when supplies are made available. According to a statement released on Friday, “Fortis will administer Covid vaccines for more than 18 years at its centers across northern India from tomorrow.”

Fortis said it will administer Covaxin at 1,250 per dose, which includes the cost of the vaccine and the administration fee.

The Health Department said Friday that state governments will receive 2 million doses of the vaccine within the next three days and that all states have more than 10 million doses with them.

As the hospitals wait for their supplies, they are preparing for the next stage. “We are well prepared with a dedicated vaccination floor, we strictly follow Covid standards and we can start vaccination immediately after getting vaccinations from the central and state governments,” said Pankaj Damiga, head of the center at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai.