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Barley grass is the young leaf of the barley plant (Hordeum vulgare). In some cases described as “barley leaves” or “barley green,” barley grass is abundant in chlorophyll and anti-oxidants (such as lutonarin and saponarin), and also includes gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), ferulic acid, vitamins, and minerals.

Barley grass is used as an active ingredient at lots of juice bars. In addition, natural-food shops typically sell bottled juice drinks consisting of barley grass juice. Some shops also sell sets that enable you to grow your own barley grass for juicing.

In Japan, green juices made with active ingredients like young barley grass juice are called “aojiru,” and are widely consumed to enhance health.2 Barley grass powder (a dehydrated form of barley grass extract), barley grass pills, and barley grass tablets are offered in numerous natural-food shops and in stores focusing on dietary supplements.

Barley Grass Nutrition Information

Three teaspoons of barley grass juice powder (5g) provide 20 calories, 2g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates, and 0g of fat. Barley juice is an excellent source of vitamin A, iron, and magnesium. The following nutritional data is from the USDA.

  • Calories: 20
  • Fat: 0g
  • Salt:
  • Carbs: 2g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugars: 1g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Vitamin A: 950IU
  • Iron: 1.1 mg
  • Magnesium: 25mg


Three teaspoons of barley grass juice powder consist of 2 grams of carbs, none of which comes from fiber. There is about 1 gram of natural sugars in this serving size.


Barley grass juice powder is fat-free.


Barley grass juice powder has 2 grams of protein in a three-teaspoon serving.

Vitamins and Minerals

Barley grass juice powder is especially high in vitamin A, with 20% of your everyday recommended consumption (based upon a 2,000 calorie diet) in just 3 teaspoons. It is likewise a great source of riboflavin, potassium, iron, and magnesium.


Three teaspoons of barley grass juice powder (5g) provide 20 calories, half of which come from carbohydrates and the other half from protein. 1.

Barley grass is rich in amino acids, which are very important foundation for proteins in the body. The nine important amino acids barley grass offers assists the body repair muscles, capillary, and even bone marrow. (1 ).

Barley grass is likewise a great source of:

The necessary amino acids in barley grass are complete, making it one of the most nutrient-dense foods worldwide. Most plants do not supply all the important amino acids that the body needs. Barley grass can supply every amino acid, assisting people who eat plant-based diet plans to get the nutrition they need.

How to Prepare Barley Grass?

Barley grass is normally consumed as part of a juice, since the texture can be unpleasant to eat. You can grow your own barley grass and juice it yourself, or you can buy barley grass extract as a powder. Barley grass juice can be discovered at juice bars, in natural food stores, and even in some bigger supermarkets around the nation.

If you have an interest in including barley grass juice to your diet, consider the following options:.

  • Drink barley grass juice on its own
  • Include barley grass juice to smoothies
  • Consist of a tablespoon of barley grass powder in protein shakes
  • Include barley grass juice to cocktails
  • Use barley grass juice in zucchini bread (2 )

9 Benefits of Barley Grass Juice

  1. It is a powerful antioxidant: Anti-oxidants benefit your heart and they protect your body from all kinds of extreme damage triggered when you are exposed to contamination, cigarette smoking, and particular chemicals.
  2. It is known to enhance the body immune system: The immune system resembles an anti-virus for our body. It spots antigens and assists the body to get immunity against them so that the next time when they enter our body, we don’t get sick from them.
  3. It detoxifies the body by releasing extra water: Cleansing is the process of eliminating harmful substances from our body. Consumption of Barley Grass juice releases additional water making us fit and fine in no time!
  4. Treats Ulcerative Colitis: Drink Barley Grass Juice for a healthy gut. Ulcerative Colitis is a sort of bowel disease which results in the inflammation of your digestive tract. The disease typically causes the formation of ulcers affecting the inner-most layer of your large intestinal tract and anus.
  5. Help Weight-loss indirectly by improving the metabolic process: Metabolism is basically the body’s speed of burning calories. Due To The Fact That Barley Grass Juice is rich in anti-oxidants and assists in efficient detoxification of the body, it aids indirectly and helps you to slim down. Barley Grass Juice helps in reliable cleansing of the body.
  6. Promotes Bone Health: The health of the bones in our body is determined using a term called ‘Bone Mineral Density’. The greater this density, the better is the condition of our bones. Barley Grass Juice increases this density which makes it a must-have health beverage.
  7. Enhances Skin Health: Barley Grass Juice offers your body the much required anti-oxidants which help in warding off free-radical damage on our skin and hence, consumption of it enhances your skin health too.
  8. Lowers Excess Acidity: Level of acidity takes place when your body produces more than what it needs in regards to acids to digest the food you eat. Usage of Barley Grass Juice helps in balancing out the acid content in your tummy and eliminates the burning feeling hence caused.
  9. It helps in cases of Hyperlipidemia: Hyperlipidemia is a condition brought on by high levels of cholesterol in your body. When extra fats collect in your blood that is when an individual is said to be struggling with this condition. Routine consumption of Barley Grass Juice helps in enhancing this condition. Overall, Barley Grass juice is one of the many health drinks you can opt for, as it includes a lot of health benefits aimed at keeping you healthy and fit. You can grow the yard in your garden and juice it when you seem like having a glass. Else, you can even buy it from the marketplace. Club this health beverage with a well balanced diet plan and you will not require anything else to remain in leading shape! (3 )

Further Surprising Advantages Of Barley Grass

May Relieve Ulcerative Colitis

Barley grass is a valuable herb in treating ulcerative colitis attributing to its revitalizing result on gut-friendly bacteria. It has been discovered to assist in reducing inflammation and other associated symptoms linked in ulcerative colitis by minimizing the intriguing chemicals in the bowel. This nutrient-rich food may also help in stabilizing the fluidity in the bowel and getting rid of accumulated toxins from the body.

May Boost Resistance

Barley grass may support boosting the immune defense mechanism of the body. Routine intake provides the required nutrition which is essential for stabilizing the optimal production of immune cells in the body. An effective and strong immune defense system vigilantly combats infections and prevents the advancement of chronic inflammatory illness.

May Have Anti-cancer Prospective

Barley grass has been explore in various diets for persistent disease prevention. A research study released in the Biomedical Journal in 2017 states that Korean researchers found that barley grass extract triggered apoptosis of breast and prostate cancer cells and might work for cancer treatment throughout restorative interventions. While these results are appealing, its anti-cancer homes have yet to be totally checked out.

Might Protect versus UV Radiation

Another beneficial result of barley grass is its possibly protective action against the cell destructing effects of UV radiation. It extends a healing relief on the existing damaged cell owing to the presence of superoxide dismutase enzymes.

It might likewise act defensively against the results of radioactivity; some associate this to the presence of chlorophyll material, which might enhance the resistance to radioactivity and also encourages the production of new members cells. For this reason, it is normally suggested to drink barley grass juice pre and post-exposure to x-rays to supply additional security (along with proper personal protective equipment) against the radioactive damage.

Might Fight Addiction

Barley grass is also considered a natural home remedy for battling different type of addictions. The existence of glutamic acid in it is stated to hinder the yearning for alcohol, coffee, nicotine, drugs, and even sugary sweets. However, for those with a hazardous dependency, it is best to seek medical attention in combination with this house therapy.

May Reduce Indications of Aging

Barley grass is thought about a natural way to stimulate the regeneration of cells without any side effects– and reduce signs of aging. Crucial elements such as chlorophyll, vitamin B, iron, and phycocyanin, a blue pigment in barley grass, improve the bone marrow and support the production of white and red blood cells. This renewing impact of barley grass also helps in reducing the indications of aging by rejuvenating the aging cells and helping to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

Culinary Uses

Barley grass is used worldwide in soups and stews, and for making barley bread. Barley is also used in the manufacturing of malted products, such as malted milk, white wine, and beer.

Apart from an impressive range of use for humans, barley grass is likewise used to make hay and fodder for animals.

Word of Care: Although barley grass is generally safe, some individuals might react sensitively to the barley grain with symptoms including vomiting, itching, and burning feeling in the throat and mouth. Those people ought to prevent making use of barley grass or discuss it with a medical expert to much better understand if this is allergy-related.

Gluten in Grains

While pure barley grass, with no grains, consists of no gluten at all, people struggling with celiac disease must normally prevent the use of barley items made from the grain as they may contain gluten protein. Celiac disease hinders the absorption of essential nutrients in the body and may lead to severe issues associated with the brain, liver, and the nervous system.

Natural care prior to attempting barley grass for the very first time is constantly suggested particularly when the level of sensitivity is not known. During special conditions such as pregnancy and lactation, it is recommended to speak with an expert to understand the proper dose and impacts of barley grass to avoid any problems. (4 ).

Barley and your hair

Healthy hair belongs of a healthy body. The shortage of nutrients or a prolonged illness can negatively affect your hair. Barley consists of all the essential nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber along with vitamins and anti-oxidants, that are important for hair health and offers the following hair care benefits.

1. Restores Hair Colour:

The consumption of green barley grass helps in restoring your hair color. Moreover, barley consists of the mineral copper that is associated with the formation of melanin, a pigment which offers color to your hair.

2. Promotes Hair Development:

Barley is rich in the micronutrients, thiamin and niacin, that assist in hair growth. It also consists of Procyanidin B-3, which is isolated from barley and identified as a hair development stimulant.

3. Fights Hair Loss:

Anemia is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Barley consists of the minerals iron and copper, which boost the production of red cell, therefore fending off anemia and, as a result, stimulating hair development. (5 ).

How To Grow Barley Grass Indoors For Juicing

Growing barley grass at home is as basic and economical as growing wheat turf, and some people find they choose the taste of barley grass juice to wheat grass juice, for its milder flavor. Barley sprouts and the juice you can make are a natural antioxidant along with a natural metabolic process booster. Follow the steps below to begin growing your own barley grass in the house and make homemade barley grass juice!


There are many types of barley grass and there are different ways to categorize each type. The best method to differentiate barley grass types is to count the grains when the turf is totally grown. Each type has a different variety of grains. The various types do not alter the composition of the lawn itself, so the kind of barley grass you select has little result on the final juice.

Materials For Growing Barley Grass

  • Jar or bowl for soaking
  • 1 cup Barley Seeds
  • 10×10-inch Clean growing tray, with holes for draining pipes:
  • Plastic food tray from deli, thoroughly washed
  • Growing tray from garden supply shop
  • Ornamental planter (for growing decorative grass)
  • Soil improved with fertilizer, garden compost, or azomite, if required
  • Plastic cover with air holes or additional tray to use as tray cover

How To Measure Barley Seeds For Your Tray Size

1 cup of barley seeds ( 1/2 lb) is enough for a 10×10-inch tray and grows enough lawn to make about 10 ounces of barley grass juice. If your tray is a different size, change the amount of seeds accordingly.

Guidelines For Growing Barley Grass

Follow directions for Sprouting Barley and grow just until tails start to reveal. Prevent over-sprouting or sprouts might not root in the soil for growing barley grass.

  • Include a 1/2- to 1-inch layer of soil to growing tray.
  • Water carefully to moisten soil. Avoid overwatering to the point puddles form.
  • Sprinkle seeds equally across soil, separating clumps as needed.
  • Sprinkle loose soil over seeds.
  • Location tray in an area with indirect light, at 60-80ºf.
  • Cover with a plastic lid with air holes to create a greenhouse effect. Make sure cover is tall enough to allow grass to grow 1-2 inches.
  • Water daily, prevent overwatering. Utilizing a spray bottle is a great watering technique until seeds root and yard begins to grow.
  • After yard is 1-2 inches, remove cover, about day 4.
  • Continue to water daily, gently to prevent destructive young turf.

Gathering Barley Grass For Juicing

  • Harvest yard at any point, normally about 6 inches tall, for juicing.
  • Use scissors to cut lawn just above roots.
  • Juice right away.
  • If preferred, let the grass grow a second blade, for a second harvest. Nutritional material of grass from the second harvest is much lower than grass from the first harvest. (6 )

11 Serious Side Effects Of Barley Water

1. Flatus/ Digestive Tract Gas

Barley is an excellent source of dietary fiber. This may trigger digestive gas or flatus. The reason behind it is the activities of the helpful bacteria present in our colon. So, try to restrict your barley water intake to prevent gas development.

2. Stomach

Extreme usage of barley water might disturb the stomach. Barley water can likewise communicate with specific medications leading to stomach upset. In both cases, the stomach irritation can feature small to significant signs like discomfort, cramps, bloating, and sometimes even loose bowels or diarrhea and intensify other IBS symptoms.

3. Constipation

If you drink excessive barley water, the opportunities are that you will end up developing chronic irregularity. Ensure that you consult your doctor in case the issue continues for more than 7 days at a time.

4. Rectal Bleeding

In extreme case of constipation, you may experience rectal bleeding with acute pain. Try to avoid consuming this natural laxative wholesale total up to avoid such scenarios.

5. Fungal Contamination

It has actually been reported that barley water can cause fungal contamination from time to time. Specific contaminants discovered in the malt extract are Trichothecium Roseum and Ochratoxin A. These toxic substances can take a toll on our bones by breaking them down.

6. Allergic Reactions

Allergies to barley water are likewise quite typical. If you already suffer from hypersensitivity or allergic reaction in the current past, it is time to manage your daily consumption of barley water. Otherwise, you might experience a variety of signs like rashes, swelling, hives, irritation along with swelling of eyes, eyelids, nose, arms, legs, and even anaphylaxis.

7. Bakers’ Asthma

The grain of barley can cause a severe respiratory allergy called ‘bakers’ asthma’. Individuals operating in bakeshops are prone to this condition. However you can also fall victim to it if you are exposed to lots of barley flour while preparing your barley water. So, be careful.

8. Obstructed/ Burst Esophagus

Being filled with fiber, barley can hurt your esophagus too. Whenever preparing your beverage, ensure that you add sufficient water to the extract of the malt. Otherwise, you may deal with trouble in swallowing, which can ultimately obstruct or perhaps burst your esophagus.

9. Celiac Illness

Celiac illness is generally wheat allergy, which is caused due to gluten intolerance. Barley includes a big amount of gluten, therefore making the condition even worse.

10. Reduced Blood Sugar Level

Overconsumption of barley water can reduce the amount of sugar in your bloodstream. If it goes under the typical level, you will develop hypoglycemia. So, try to keep a close eye on your blood sugar level while drinking barley water frequently.

11. Surgical Problems

As barley water can trigger an unexpected fall in your blood glucose levels, you should always take preventative measures prior to undergoing surgical treatment. It is recommended that you stop having the drink at least 10 to 2 week before going under the knife. It might help you control your blood glucose level so that you can keep all sorts of surgical complications at bay. (7 ).

What is the recommended dose?

A dose of 15 g/day dried barley leaf extract has been used to lower cholesterol.


Contraindications have actually not yet been recognized.


Info regarding safety and effectiveness in pregnancy and lactation is doing not have. (8 ).

Unique Measures & Warnings

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Barley is LIKELY SAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy in amounts typically discovered in foods. Nevertheless, barley sprouts are POSSIBLY hazardous and should not be consumed in high quantities during pregnancy.

There is not enough reputable information about the safety of taking barley if you are breast-feeding. Remain on the safe side and prevent usage.

Celiac disease or gluten level of sensitivity: The gluten in barley can make celiac illness worse. Prevent utilizing barley.

Allergies to cereal grains: Consuming barley may trigger an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to other cereal grains, consisting of rye, wheat, oat, corn and rice.

Diabetes: Barley might decrease blood sugar levels. Your diabetes medications might require to be adjusted by your healthcare provider.

Surgery: Barley may decrease blood sugar level levels. There is an issue that it may interfere with blood glucose control throughout and after surgical treatment. Stop using barley at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery. (9 ).

Barley grass may sometimes be abundant in vitamin K, which hinders the action of anticoagulants such as Coumadin (the brand name for warfarin, a drug used to treat and prevent blood clots ). Other than an allergy, there are no known unfavorable effects credited to barley grass. (10 ).


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