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Singing beyond borders

RESHMA MARTIN she has made her way through the tough talent racing circuit since living in New Zealand at the age of eight.

At the age of 12, he won New Plymouth’s Mayor’s Award for his song None to anyone.
He then participated in a number of music competitions, including a local local reality show Akademi Fantasia 2016.

The Klang-born musician returned home as runner-up. And more recently, Reshma made it into the Top 25 of the New Zealand-based competition Pop celebrities.
“I learned my craft by experiencing the competitive nature of music rather than the usual vocal class path,” said the 22-year-old.

Reshmama’s debut UK single The loneliest girl it is indicative of his inability to let go of something trivial.

“I hope this song refers to all the people out there who are overwhelmed by how quickly the world can become isolated and lonely,” he added.

How important are places and cultures as an influence on your music?

“Super important, both locally and internationally. Locally, I rely on the influences I have learned in my years abroad. The most common comment I get from fans is the belief that I can internationalize the Malaysian music industry, and it’s a specific goal of mine, which I don’t think I would have been so determined to do if it weren’t for my international ventures.
“On an international spectrum, I wear my nationality with pride. I take great steps to educate my international colleagues about Malaysia and Malaysian music. It’s surprising how many people still think Malaysia is part of Singapore, but that’s when I sit them down for a 30-minute lecture on why that’s not the case. ”

What does the New Zealand music scene offer that you can’t find in Malaysia?

“Every music scene has similar pros and cons. One major difference is that New Zealand has a faster developing English scene than Malaysia.

“Malaysia has some incredible talents who write, perform and sing in English, but due to the lack of platforms available for English-speaking artists to be able to market quickly in Malaysia, a lot of things go unnoticed. Each step is a step forward and I am happy to see that there are now new facilities that present Malaysian English music more widely such as Hitz FM. “

Were there any positives in your rejection on? Pop celebrities? Wwhat do you think makes a good artist?

“I wouldn’t say I was necessarily rejected, I think I wasn’t a good representation of the ‘best kiwi artist of our generation’. I was back in New Zealand just four months earlier, being able to enter the Top 25 without a single published English was pretty important considering thousands of people auditioned. If anything, I’m grateful because it gave me the connections and time to take advantage of my appearance on the show with the release of The loneliest girl.

“What makes a good artist is knowing your craft inside and out and knowing how to make your talent and work stand out from the rest. There are so many invisible factors behind being a self-sufficient artist that are often underestimated. “

What is the story behind it The loneliest girl?
“Loneliest girl it was written as an ode to the tumultuous times when I felt stuck. For the past five years as a singer, I’ve been doing things people could only dream of doing.

“Still, I always found myself stuck under a glass ceiling when it came to how far I could go and how far I could go, and that glass ceiling was social media.

“I have related the feeling of being alone on social media with being alone in a relationship. I have subtly included texts that referred to social media, I made the choice to make the main imagery a relationship because I believe that social media almost becomes a partner in your life, especially in the creative fields. “

How do you rate your music?

“I’m pretty hard on myself, there’s a huge tendency to overthink something and ultimately ruin the final product. I make sure I keep the song for about a month, constantly listening to it and making changes. Then, when I’m absolutely sure, I send it to some trusted friends in the music scene. Also, I’m not afraid of criticism and help because sometimes the wrong thing is what you can’t see. “

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