May 14, 2021

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A story of death and hope

What or what Happen to us after we die? Malaysian film Mentega Turbang Boldly delves into this topic.

The plot centers around 15-year-old Ayesha, who has a hard time dealing with the fact that her ailing mother is slowly dying.

Ayesha yearns to see if she will communicate with her mother again after death, and begins to explore her own faith as well as that of her friends.

Will you find the answers you are looking for?

The role of Aisha is played by theater actress Soma Shalin.

The cast also includes Firdaus Karim, Nick Waheda, and Arjun Thanarago.

The 105-minute movie was made under the tagline of Anomalist Production and Meng Kheng Entertainment, and the budget for the film was RM 10,000.

Selected audiences have already liked the story during the specials.

The idea for the original story came from director Khairy Anwar, who co-wrote the script with Arjun and two other writers – Visshnu Varman and Ti Teng-Hui.

A big fan of the late Yasmine Ahmed, the 29-year-old watched a series of her films during the Covid-19 lockdown.

My favorite movie Yasmine is MuallafSaid Khairy, who runs the Anomalist.

Mawred tells the story of three people who find solace through religion.

“The stories you’re telling are unique. But we don’t want to copy them,” said producer, Tan Meng Kheng, who is a huge fan of Yasmine’s story. Sat.

Mentega Turbang It is the first feature film directing charity.

He directed a number of award-winning plays and his theater productions have traveled to Singapore and Indonesia.

It has also made waves in short film competitions.

Its like Bright colors And the Musical Ralats It won two nominations at BMW Shorties 2019, where Ralat Won the People’s Choice Award.

This is also the 34-year-old Tan’s first feature-length movie production.

Before Mentega TurbangTan produced his first short film, director Sydney Chan Tenaba (This is not a petrol ad), Who won Best General Production, Best Director, and Best Screenplay at Short & Sweet Festival 2019 (Film Category).

He is also a stage actor, and worked under charity supervision.

Tan admires Khairi for pushing boundaries with the stories he tells. It created a passion for him to work with the director.

However, there are critics who fear they are flirting with controversy, using religion as the subject matter of the cinema.

There is something called comparative religion. “I don’t mind exploring other religions,” Khairy said.

Tan, who praised the cast for their strong performance, added, “No one should be condemned for believing anything different.”

It was not my priority to put famous names in the movie. I was just looking for actors who would fit the characters. “A good story can sell more than one famous name,” said Khairy.

“You have instances where stars with a large number of followers on social media are believed to make the movie a hit right away. But that isn’t always the case,” Tan added.

Tan and Khairy believe the story should be the true star of the movie, and nothing should overshadow it.