May 9, 2021

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Ethereal spotlight for clean skin

Our Age manifests itself in a number of ways on our bodies. Skin changes are among the most obvious signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.

We may want to have perfectly smooth and spotless skin, but uneven skin tone is a common occurrence for many of us. This may take the form of redness, acne scars, and age spots, which become more noticeable with age. Hyperpigmentation and skin spots are caused by genetics, hormones, sun exposure, pollution, and lifestyle.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector and Color Perfect SPF 50, the perfect duo as a daily treatment to achieve nearly spotless skin.

In an effort to make complexion achievable, [ comfort zone ] Research and development has examined various and related disciplines of studies and dermatological treatments, to develop a highly effective preventive and corrective formula for treating hyperpigmentation. Success [ comfort zone ]The formula for treating hyperpigmentation is due to an important collaboration with Dr. Mariuccia Pucci, a specialist in dermatology, who has partnered with [ comfort zone ] Our R&D team has the latest studies on hyperpigmentation.

“To correct pigmentation, we must first know how to recognize it and understand the depth of the spot,” Pucci added. She also said: “Visually, the darker patches of skin are more superficial, while the more visible spots are the deeper ones.”

The main inspiration for [comfort zone ] The formula is Kligman’s Triad, which combines medicinal-grade ingredients, such as the anti-inflammatory cortisone, hydroquinone-inhibiting melanin production, and retinoic acid to exfoliate and tone skin. These ingredients can only be used by dermatologists due to their potential side effects. [ comfort zone ]Sublime Skin Corrector’s proprietary TRI-WHITE COMPLEX delivers the same three corrective actions with safe, natural, high-tech ingredients that have been tested for everyday home applications without any contraindications.

The fine complexion corrector

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector is a concentrate of hyperpigmentation medicinal ingredients. The formula works to give a brightening effect, control melanin synthesis responsible for age pigmentation, promote exfoliation, and accelerate cell turnover. Effectively reduces the appearance of spots on the skin for a more even and youthful complexion.

The high-quality, concentrated formula includes Sublime Skin Corrector [comfort zone ]Tri-White is a complex of the organic anti-inflammatory Physalis Angulata that reduces inflammation and oxidation, 4-N-Butlyresorcinol and Punarnava which inhibit the production and transport of melanin and thus discoloration of the skin, and the keratolytic enzyme that promotes exfoliation and desquamation of pigmented skin.

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector is applied to the specific spotted areas of skin every morning followed by sunscreen, and every night before moisturizer.

Excellent complexion

The [ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 is a color-enhancing cream with broad UVB / UVB protection and is fortified to address the visible consequences of photo-aging while you are out and about during the day.

It also has a silky undertoned texture for an instant even complexion look. The main ingredients of Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 include Palmitoyl Glycine Peptide which works against photoaging and the degenerative effects of the sun on collagen filters, UVA and UVB rays to effectively protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays that cause hyperpigmentation and the colored mica extract which acts on Unify and illuminate the complexion.

Apply Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 every morning, after moisturizer and before makeup. It can be reused during the day if needed.

[ comfort zone ] Sublime Skin Corrector (RM438) and Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 (RM388) are now available.