May 10, 2021

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Covid-19: Karina, Randhir, Karishma Kapoor’s father has been transferred to the intensive care unit

Even as the world mourns the first anniversary of the death of Bollywood legend Rishi Kapoor on April 30, his brother Randhir was taken to the intensive care unit of a Mumbai hospital after contracting COVID-19.

The father of Bollywood stars, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor, was taken to a hospital in Mumbai on April 28 after he and five other members of his crew tested positive for the coronavirus.

However, one day after his stay in the hospital, he was transferred to the intensive care unit, with reports claiming that his condition is currently stable and this step was a precautionary measure taking into account his age and pre-existing conditions.

“I have been taken to the ICU for some extra testing,” Rander was quoted as telling the Times of India, adding, “Everything is under control. They are taking everything out for me. Doctors are there all the time.”

The Kapoor family has faced a series of setbacks in the past year with the deaths of Randhir siblings, actors Rishi and Rajiv. While Rishi has been said to have been fighting leukemia for the past few years, Rajiv died on February 9 after a heart attack.

Randhir and his sister, Rima Jin, are involved in a legal case to claim Rajiv’s property as their brother’s only surviving family. Rajiv married in 2001 but divorced in 2003.