May 8, 2021

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Ether hits $ 3,000 as the dominance of the cryptocurrency declines

Image Credit: iStockphoto

Bitcoin’s dominance in the overall market value of cryptocurrencies is declining as its next competitor, Ether, reaches $ 3,000, indicating that there is more than one winner among digital tokens as the sector develops.

The largest cryptocurrency now accounts for about 46% of the total cryptocurrency market cap of $ 2.3 trillion, down from nearly 70% at the start of the year, according to CoinGecko tracker. Ether is in second place at 15% and another group outside of the first few ether class has doubled its share over the same period to 36%.

Bitcoin remains the largest cryptocurrency, but momentum in other tokens is attracting growing interest, such as Ether, which broke into $ 3,000 for the first time on Monday after quadrupling this year. Supporters of cryptocurrencies argue that investors are becoming more comfortable with a variety of tokens, while critics contend the sector may be in the grip of an obsession fueled by stimulus.

Edward Moya, a prominent market analyst at Oanda Corp. , In Friday’s note: “Ethereum is on the rise and it doesn’t seem like much in its way”, adding that other tokens are also seeing “new interest.”

The current distribution of market share also reflects the April shake-up in the cryptocurrency sector. Bitcoin hasn’t recovered all of the ground it lost after falling from the mid-April record of roughly $ 64,870.

The listing of Coinbase Global Inc. In the US last month is the latest sign of how more investors are embracing the sector despite risks from high levels of volatility and expanding regulatory scrutiny.

Ether is currently in the spotlight. Among the factors cited in this rise are the upgrade of the Ethereum affiliate blockchain as well as the network’s popularity for financial services and cryptocollectibles.

Evercore ISI Strategist Rich Ross has set a target of $ 3,900 for the token. Ether was up 2.8% to $ 3,052 as of 1:05 pm in Hong Kong on Monday.

Other cryptocurrencies have jumped, too. Binance Coin’s price has increased by 3,460% over the past 12 months, according to CoinGecko. Dogecoin, a symbolic symbol, started as a joke in 2013, but is now a social media favorite promoted by the likes of Elon Musk, rising 15,000% to a market value of around $ 50 billion.