May 9, 2021

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How do I negotiate less rent with the landlord in the UAE?

Never wait for the last minute and always start your negotiations at least 120 days before your renewal
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Tenants continue to search for affordable homes in the UAE or move into spacious units during the coronavirus pandemic. The first quarter of 2021 indicates some signs of stabilization in rental rates. This makes it important for tenants to adequately present their claims in front of the landlord.

Here are five techniques for getting a good home rental deal from a landlord

Start a constructive conversation

Never be argumentative or give ultimatums, and especially not have a clash of ego when you want to negotiate the rent, says Gaurav Idasani, managing director of Union Square House. “You must understand that many landlords will have this one investment unit while investing their life savings. Understand this factor and lead your conversation based on these factors. Also, you should see who you are talking to – is it the direct owner or the real estate agency? It takes different methods of trading. “

“Never wait until the last minute and always start your negotiations at least 120 days before the renewal. In Dubai, there is usually a rule of three months to file a notice of non-renewal, so keep that in mind. If the situation permits, try to negotiate in person or Through a video call. If this is not also possible, then you will do a phone call, email, or WhatsApp, but try to make it personal. “

Go with realistic expectations

Know what you want before approaching the owner. After carrying out a comprehensive comparative market analysis of units in your area, Aidasani says:

● Set realistic expectations.

● Be prepared to hear yes, perhaps, and no.

● Remember this rule, target more than you expect to get, then meet somewhere in the middle.

● Get screenshots of similarly priced unit listings listed on the various portals to present to the owner.

Request payment flexibility

If the landlord is unwilling to negotiate the rent, you can negotiate the method of payment or the number of checks. Rakesh Mirchandani, Co-Founder and CEO of KGR Real Estate, says flexibility of payments nowadays is the rule. Generally four checks or even monthly payments can be made.

“Landlords accept the monthly payment option because their property is rented out and, at times, this provides the prospect of a higher rent. Here, landlords conduct due diligence towards the tenant before accepting the monthly option to ensure payments are made on time. Those with cash and wanting better rent are offering to pay “Less checks or a higher down payment. As for luxury properties, tenants prefer to pay one or two payments.”

Request for other concessions

Discounts and allowances can also be requested on rent. Merchandani says, “Although standard leases are 12 months long, you can negotiate or request an additional three-month lease-free contract. This rent-free period is reasonable for the average rental value. Instead of waiting and keeping the property vacant, the landlords accept giving The benefit is for the lessee for a rent-free period so that the tenant moves in and the landlord can receive his rent / payments at an early date. ”

“Some landlords also offer a comprehensive lease that includes utilities. You can negotiate a contract that includes either all or a specified ‘specified’ amount in the rental. This is a viable option for tenants who prefer not to register the facilities in their name or pay deposits to utility service providers.

Request appliances, furniture, or upgrades

Mirchandani recommends negotiating leases with the products that are included, such as furniture hardware. This helps tenants save money on new appliances and furniture. “If you are renting partially furnished or furnished properties, ask the landlord to include additional furniture or other items, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, or perhaps an upgrade in the property that could add value.”

“While renting a villa or townhouse, ask the landlords to coordinate the landscaping in the garden, and possibly include plants and trees. Features that come without additives or contain some hardware, you can ask to include props,” he adds.