May 16, 2021

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District 2071 in Dubai hosts more than 800 events

District 2071, the innovation ecosystem for the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), has hosted more than 780 physical events and over 80 virtual events since its inception in May 2017.
Photo Credit: WAM

Dubai: Since its inception in May 2017, Zone 2071, the innovation ecosystem of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), has hosted more than 780 physical events and over 80 virtual events, including conferences, forums, workshops and interactive sessions, which attracted more than 26,000 participants from the whole world.

The ecosystem also has several innovation programs, including TechStars and Microsoft; He ran 7 successful accelerator programs and received more than 660 participants, representing 227 startups, 45 of which set up offices in the United Arab Emirates, creating 600 jobs.

District 2071 has released its annual report summarizing its accomplishments to date and offering a call for like-minded individuals to be part of this vibrant ecosystem and to collectively shape the future.

Zone 2071 runs a wide range of innovation programs as well as startup accelerators and incubators in partnership with government agencies and international companies. Its full agenda included more than 230 start-up empowerment sessions, more than 100 entrepreneurship sessions, more than 140 sessions aimed at exploring the future of vital sectors, 120 youth and women’s empowerment sessions, and more than 250 sessions to share knowledge and skills. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform has maintained its momentum by switching from physical events to virtual format and successfully running more than 80 virtual events.

District 2071

District 2071
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Global hub

Zone 2071 is a global center for exploration and design of the future that represents a meeting point for the public and private sectors to support national efforts to achieve the UAE Centennial goals 2071, including the position of the UAE as the best country in the world. Saeed Abdulaziz Al Jaziri, Executive Vice President and Director of Operations at DFF .

Zone 2071 includes many laboratories dedicated to key sectors of the future, in addition to initiatives aimed at designing, testing and implementing promising concepts and projects, such as the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the United Arab Emirates (C4IR UAE), and Dubai Laboratories for the Future (DFL). , Youth Center, Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA), Ministry of Probabilities and Regulations Lab.

The platform assists startups and entrepreneurs by offering competitive corporate licensing offers, golden visas for business and office space, as well as organizing related events. It also facilitates access to government agencies and investors in the UAE and the region as a whole.

Her focus sectors include aviation, healthcare, public services, food security, cybersecurity, social development, education, aerospace, transportation, logistics, supply chain, artificial intelligence, and 4IR technologies.

Dubai Future Accelerators

DFA is a cohort-based program that aims to solve a wide range of business and innovation challenges that are sourced from government agencies and companies. To date, 288 startups from 34 countries have participated in more than 80 challenges across eight groups. Among these companies, 45 established offices in the United Arab Emirates, creating more than 600 jobs.

The program resulted in 89 pilot projects and raised AED 75 million in equity funds in addition to signing 153 memoranda of understanding with potential partners. Moreover, twenty-seven percent of the participating startups have signed contracts worth 36 million dirhams with partner entities of the Department of Foreign Affairs, while 90 percent have concluded agreements with other entities in the United Arab Emirates, worth 25 million dirhams.