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Straw-like pavilion design: MIA Design Studio

MIA Design Studio was commissioned by Ashui – “a media company for the built environment” – to imagine and develop an architectural event pavilion. The facility is located in a sub-city in the northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, titled Thủ Đức. Entitled “The Straw Pavilion”, the project occupies a park of vegetable gardens and orchards. MIA Design Studio has deliberately focused on creating a pavilion that blends in with the surrounding environment.

As the name might suggest, “The Straw Pavilion” looks like “a giant pile of straw”. The object is also “an image of memory, the one that belongs to the Vietnamese countryside”. MIA Design Studio has developed the building in such a way that the structure “moves” according to the angle from which individuals choose to look at it.

Image credit: Trieu Chien

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