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Modular meditation beds: Opus SoundBed

Opus SoundBed was born from an idea of ​​Yves Behar. Unlike the typical bed, this design is geared towards therapeutic healing practices. Its modular design allows it to fold in on itself to create an elegant ottoman when not used for its meditative purposes.

Yves Behar of fuseproject designed the foldable therapy bed to provide a multisensory meditative experience to recharge and restore the body’s nervous system. It works by creating a full-body vibrational experience in combination with a spatial sound function. These two elements focus on helping the body reduce stress by releasing natural hormones associated with happiness and euphoria. Additionally, the Opus SoundBed is powered by the Opus Journeys app, where users can set therapy goals and have access to additional resources.

Image credit: Yanko Design

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