May 8, 2021

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“Tonight Show” Imagine Keisha singing “A Star Sparkling Banner” and she’s cool

“The Tonight Show” may have rewritten the history of patriotic songs on Monday – with Kesha’s help. (Watch the video above).

A comedy film “Bottom of the Charts” about bad fictional songs, the singer imagined performing the song “The Star-Spangled Banner” to the tunes of her party anthem “TiK ToK”. It was an unintended blow.

Host Jimmy Fallon kept going. “It’s actually very good,” he said.

His colleague Steve Higgins added: “I am amazed that he is at the bottom of the chart.”

Commentators approved the show’s YouTube channel.

One viewer wrote, “If this is the starry banner, I’ll sing it all the time.”

“Anyone else who likes Ke $ ha’s performance for“ The Star Spangled Banner? ”Another asked.

Keisha said her dream is to sing the National Anthem in the Super Bowl. If that happens, you will now know which art direction to take!