May 11, 2021

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Succession Season 3: Alexander Skarsgard joins the “Showdown” character

Cast Succession Just got a captivating new addition.

Alexander Skarsgård is joining the drama for its next third season, according to diverse.

The actor, has been seen in recent years in TV adaptations Platform And the Big Little LiesAnd the He will portray Lucas Matson, “a successful founder and CEO of confrontational technology,” as the outlet wrote.

The Independent Contact HBO for more information.

SuccessionThe funny, grim tale of a wealthy family led by media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) has had two memorable seasons so far.

The second installation ended in 2019, and the third season was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to Cox, the show stars Kiran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Alan Rock, Jeremy Strong, Matthew McFadden, Nicholas Brown, Hiam Abbas, Peter Friedman, and others.

Succession He won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in September 2020, while Strong has starred in a serial drama.

In 2017, Skarsgard won an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie for his portrayal of Perry Wright, Nicole Kidman’s husband Celeste Wright in Big Little Lies, Also HBO feature.

Prior to that, Skarsgård rose to world fame as vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s Real blood, Which aired from 2008 to 2014.